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Customer Testimonials for Weekend Grilling!

Please feel free to email me (Mark@WeekendGrilling.com), Leave a comment on this page, DM me on Twitter, Message me on FaceBook or stop me in the street and give me your comments, good or bad.  I love hearing how you like the recipe for the Weekend Grub Rub, or any of our other fine products such as Lumber Jack Brand BBQ pellets or the Smokin Wedgie!  Weekend Grilling loves happy customers!  Here are some of our recent testimonials for Weekend Grilling!


While I didn’t use it for smoking I did use your rub when I grilled some burgers; I loved the flavor and can’t wait to use it again.  Thought it might be too sweet but when you grill it the flavor balances out nicely.  Going to use it on ribs this weekend!

Daryl – Madison, WI

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I used your Weekend Smoking Rub on some ribs, they didn’t need sauce!
Tom – Beloit, WI
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I forgot to get back to you about the loin I did last weekend!
Turned out great even tho I had a little trouble keeping my heat regulated.  That rub recipe is fabulous in my opinion and will be using it often.  AS is your pork loin recipe.
Actually taking some out to my brothers place and doing another pork loin for Easter!  (Thank you Costco)
Thanks again!
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I cooked a pork loin last weekend using your recipe and it was great! Very flavorful, as well as very tender. I recently purchased one of the electric smokers and this was my first attempt with it. WORKED OUT GREAT! Will be trying the recipe for a rub that I recently purchased from you soon. CAN’T WAIT!!
Rick D – Marion, TX
Thanks again to all of my customers that take the time to leave such kind words!
Weekend Grilling!

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