The WEDGIE ~ A Smoke Box

Smoking WedgieHave a traditional gas or charcoal grill and looking to add some smoke?  We have the perfect item just for you!  The Wedgie Smoke Box turns any grill into a smoker!  Simply place some wood BBQ pellets (hopefully Lumber Jack brand pellets) into the Wedgie, ignite it using a small portable torch and let the smoking begin!  It’s that easy.  The Wedgie holds one pound of pellets and will smoke for about two hours.  When added to the indirect heat from your traditional grill get ready for some of the best tasting food that only a smoker can deliver – except it’s off your own gas/charcoal grill!  The Wedgie makes a great Christmas, Birthday, Father’s Day or “Dad you need to kick up your grilling skill’s” present!  This Smoke Box also adds more smoke flavor to your smoker!

Weekend Grilling Wedgie

Light it, give it a little air to ignite the bbq pellets, tuck it in the corner out of your way on your grill and let it add some awesome smoke flavor to whatever you are grilling.  1# of pellets will smoke for 2 hours; perfect for chicken as seen above.  Looking forward to using the Wedgie to try some cold smoking as well!  One of the best grilling tools I have is this smoke box!

Pick it up or let me ship it right to your door!  I try to ship same day as ordered!

Delivered price anywhere in the lower 48 states:

1 Wedgie Smoke Box – $29.00

2 Wedgie Smoke Box’s – $44.00 (only $22 ea.)

See PayPal instructions below, WI residents must add sales tax. Contact me if you would like to purchase more than one or two, I would be happy to work with you on price.


1 Wedgie


2 Wedgie’s

 Weekend Grilling ~ Wedgie

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