Get Grilling: How To Make The Perfect Hot Dog

Hot Dog!

BBQ season is fast approaching, and that means you have to start thinking about some of the things you can grill. Near the top of everyone’s BBQ menu is the hot dog. Great hot dogs are tasty, but the perfect hot dog is so good it even converts the biggest burger lovers out there.

But, how do you make the perfect hot dog? Follow this advice to find out:

The Sausage

All great hotdogs start with a great sausage. Now, there are some of you out there that may have only ever eaten frankfurters as a hot dog. While this is a classic ballpark snack, it’s not the best sausage to use for a proper good hot dog.

Instead, you want to use something that’s proper meaty and packed full of flavor. A good old fashioned Cumberland sausage works well, but a bratwurst is perhaps even better if you want to try and recreate a German hot dog – after all, no one knows sausage like the Germans. Either way, ensure you have a proper sausage, not something that’s reformed, you want a good quality of meat, and plenty of flavor in there too.

The Bun

Hot dog buns are more important than you might originally think. For one, getting the right bun to sausage ratio is essential. You can’t have too much bun, but you don’t want too little, or it’s no longer a hot dog, it’s just a sausage.

Mainly, you have to think about the type of bun you go for. Brioche buns are very good, as are soft petit pains. Step away from the boring hot dog rolls you see in every grocery store, these are very bland and boring. It’s brioche or petit pain all the way, and ensure you cut the bread evenly down the middle for even distribution of bread either side of the sausage.

The Grilling

There are many ways you can cook a sausage, you can fry, oven cook, or grill. Of course, we’re all about grilling here, so that’s the way to do it.

Ideally, you want to grill your sausage on a BBQ to get the perfect grill lines going through it. You want the BBQ to be extremely hot so you can get some charring on the sausage for additional flavor too. Make sure it’s cooked well throughout, and that you get a nice almost crispness to the skin and a juicy inside.

The Extras

For some people, the hot dog ends here and is complemented with ketchup, mustard, or both. However, if you want to level up your hotdog, we suggest frying some onions. Fry them off in a pan and cover them with a lid so you get some steam action going on that can make them nice and soft.

Now, it’s time to put your hot dog together. First, grill your sausage of choice while you fry off your onions. Then, when the sausage is nearly done, lay the bread on the grill just to toast it a little bit. Next, you put the sausage straight in the bun, layer on some soft onions, and drizzle with the sauce of your choosing. Just like that, you’ve got the perfect hot dog.

For something a little bit different, stuff your dogs with your favorite fixings such as onions, cheese, bacon or veggies!  Now you have artwork!

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