4 Quick and Easy Spring Dip Recipes Kids Love

Spring is here!

It’s time to fire up your grill and start cooking delightful chunks of meat – ribs, pork chops, chicken and everything in between. Put some dry rub on your meats, and it will be mouth-watering.

The warm months are a great time to spend time with the family, and eat (my personal favorite). Enjoy these 4 Quick and Easy Spring Dip Recipes Kids Love!

And if you’re like me, there are always chips, pretzels and other goodies laying around that I scoop up my dip with and eat.

Dips might not be as manly as eating meat, but they’re delicious nonetheless and provide you with a variety of flavors and options to choose from. I’m going to discuss the four dips that always leave me wanting more.

1. Onion and Cucumber Dip

Creamy and delicious, an onion and cucumber dip is the perfect choice for spring. We’re not going to talk about the new fad: vegan dip – forget that – we’re talking about the delicious, tofu-free dip. You’ll need just a few ingredients to get started:

·         8 ounces of softened cream cheese

·         2 tbsp mayonnaise

·         1/2 cup peeled, chopped cucumber

·         1/4 cup chopped onion

·         Salt

·         Pepper

You’re going to use salt and pepper to taste, but a lot of people just like a pinch.

This dip is so simple to make, too:

·         Place the cream cheese, mayonnaise, onion, cucumber and spices into a bowl.

·         Beat until blended well.

That’s it. You can refrigerate it, or start eating it right away (my personal recommendation). Just make sure you blend it enough so that it’s nice and creamy.

This is the perfect appetizer dip for your chips, pretzels or crackers.

2. Spring Artichoke Dip

This isn’t a wimpy, cold dip – it’s warmed. But it’s always the life of the party and is a great option when serving bread, celery or crackers to guests. Cook time is just 25 minutes, so it’s always quick to make, which is an added bonus when you have hungry guests dying to eat.

You’ll need a few main ingredients:

·         14 ounces of drained artichoke hearts

·         1 cup Parmesan cheese (grated)

·         1/2 cup sour cream

·         1/2 cup mayonnaise

·         1/2 cup red onions (minced)

You’ll also need some salt and pepper for this dish. Now, you’ll want to:

·         Preheat the oven to 400F

·         Place the sour cream, mayonnaise, onion and parmesan cheese into a mixing bowl

·         Mix well

·         Mix in the remaining ingredients

·         Mix in salt and pepper to taste

·         Transfer to a baking dish

Bake your dip for 20 minutes or until the top is a golden brown color.

3. Queso Blanco

I’m a big fan of sous vide, so this is a recipe that anyone with a sous vide will love. I’ve even cooked steak in a sous vide. I’m planning on trying my hand at BBQ steak, too, to see how it tastes. But today I am going to walk you through this cheesy concoction called Queso Blanco.

If you’re a fan of cheese, you’ll love this dip.

You’ll need:

·         1 1/2 cups of finely shredded cheese (cheddar, pepperjack or something with a kick of spice)

·         1 serrano pepper (chop finely)

·         4 ounces diced, green chilies

·         1/2 cup half and half

·         1/4 grated onion

·         2 tsp ground cumin

·         1/2 tsp salt

We’ll be making this in a Sous Vide machine, so you’ll want to fill and preheat to 175F. Then, you’ll:

1.      Put all your ingredients in a cooking pouch

2.      Submerge for 30 minutes, removing when the cheese is melted

a.      Shift contents periodically to mix well

After the cheese is melted and gooey, remove the dip and serve with some delicious tortilla chips, fish, chicken or whatever else you like.

Note: Pick a cheese that has a spice to it and don’t choose a cheese that doesn’t melt well.

4. Moroccan Carrot Dip

Moroccan carrot dip is the final dip on our list, and it has a little added kick that goes perfect with smoked chicken wings and a side of veggies. What I like about this dip is that it’s very different, and it’s done in just 30 minutes.

You’ll need quite a few ingredients to get started:

·         1 pound of carrots, peeled and chopped into chunks

·         1 whole, peeled clove of garlic

·         4 pieces of flat bread

·         1/2 tsp:

o   Paprika

o   Ground cumin

o   Cinnamon

o   Ground ginger

·         1 tbsp honey

·         2 tbsp lemon juice

·         2 tbsp chopped olives

·         2 tbsp fresh cilantro

You’ll also need a touch of cayenne pepper. This dip takes a few steps to make, but it’s worth the effort:

1.      Cook the carrots and garlic in boiling water until soft.

2.      Drain and place in a pan over medium heat until dry (1 – 2 minutes).

3.      Place the pan’s contents into a food processor and process until smooth.

4.      Add in the remaining ingredients minus the olives and cilantro, and mix again.

You can serve the dip with a piece of flat bread and drizzle some olive oil on it to taste.

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