Personally I’m not a big fan of ham but after smoking one a few weeks back I have completely changed my mind. It wasn’t dry as baked ham typically is and the flavor was plain awesome. Here is a very easy recipe that will make you re-think using your oven the next time you plan on having ham. As you can see in the picture below, this is an already smoked ham. You may ask why smoke an already smoked meat? I did anyway. The answer of course is that it tastes better than simply baking it in the oven, much better.
Smoked Ham

There is very little prep needed, so little in fact that you can set your smoker to 225° and you will have just the right amount of time to get the ham ready and place it on the smoker grates.

If your ham has protective material remove that and pat the ham with paper towel. Next step is optional but in my opinion I think it helped. I injected the ham with a stick of butter that had some brown sugar dissolved in it. I’ve never done a ham without it so I can’t tell you for sure injecting it is better, but, when is butter not good, right?

Next step coat the ham with your favorite spicy brown mustard or a Dijon mustard if you have that.

Smoked Ham

Next simply pat some brown sugar all over the ham. The combination of the wet mustard and the brown sugar creates a nice paste. The “glaze” comes a little later. At some point in the future I plan on also adding my dry rub as well for a little more flavor as well.

It’s that easy! I placed the ham directly on the smoker with the flat side down. Smoke it at 225° for two hours.

Smoked Ham

At the two hour mark pull the ham off and place it on some aluminum foil. Just as you do with a pork shoulder, you will add some apple juice. I then wrap it up a second time just to avoid unintentional rip in a single layer and loosing the magic of this “tenderizing phase” and having it dry out. Smoke it for one hour. The internal temp should be somewhere around 145°.

As you can see in the pic above, the next step is to open up the foil. Make sure you still have the bath of apple juice and be careful of the steam coming out of the foil when you first unwrap it – but keep it on the foil and on the grill.

Next step is to sprinkle more brown sugar on the ham and then, using a baster, coat the brown sugar completely. This is where you will get the much sought after glaze on your ham. Smoke the ham leaving the foil open for one more hour. Pull the ham off and let it rest (entirely wrapped in foil) for 15-20 minutes or so.

Smoked Ham

This was a 9.5# ham which of course is a bit much for just two people, but one of the great things about ham is that it can be used in many ways over the next few days.

The juice/sugar glaze was the perfect “bark” on the ham giving it a nice sweet yet tangy flavor. I used cherry but any mild wood will work nicely for smoked ham. Next time I may try a 50/50 or squirt soda instead of apple juice.

Smoked Ham

This one smoked ham gave us an awesome tasting dinner that night, then ham steaks with eggs the next morning. For lunch on that cold Wisconsin day I chopped some up and added it to some canned soup. Lastly we enjoyed several ham sandwiches at the office during the work week. I may just do two of them next time and freeze one to keep when it’s just too dang cold out (right now it’s -8° out). Give this one a try, you may never bake one again, I won’t!