Smoked Bacon Jalapeno Peppers

The smoked jalapeno pepper is the go-to appetizer in the smoking community and well deserved in my book.  Here is a simple-to-follow recipe on smoking jalapeno peppers.  This particular time I used bacon for the wrap but have used a good spicy breakfast sausage in the past as well.

Here is everything that you will need:



Let the cream cheese warm up a bit by placing it in a bowl, along with 2 cups of your favorite cheddar cheese.  I let it warm up while I cut and clean out the jalapeno peppers.  I also mix into that stuffing mixture some of my own “WeekendGrilling Rub” for a little additional kick.




Carefully cut the stem and end off each jalapeno, then slice it in half.  Using a spoon I then scoop out all the seeds.  If you like a spicier jalapeno popper, you can leave the veins in the pepper; if not it’s simple to scoop those out with a spoon as well.



The cream cheese, shredded cheese and rub can now be mixed together.  Use your hands!  Your hands are the best way to mix it up quickly.  Take a spoon and then fill each pepper full with the cheese mixture.


Next, I nuke some thin bacon strips for about two or three minutes just to give them a jump-start.




I typically take an entire slice and wrap around each pepper.  This day I was a little short on bacon so I simply cut each slice in half and just placed it on top of the pepper and cheese.  When using pork sausage I also just cover the top of the pepper, plenty of taste comes through.



I place the poppers on a wire rack which allows for easy transportation on and off of the smoker.  Remember to spray the rack with Pam for an easier cleanup.

I set my temp to 225° – it will take about an hour and a half.


Here they are after smoking for about an hour.  It’s hard not to grab one at this point and try one out!


After 1.5 hours of smoking at 225° this is what you will have!  There’s a lot of strong flavors going on all at the same time between the jalapeno pepper, the cheese, the WeekendGrilling Rub and of course the bacon (or sausage).  They will go fast!



smoked bacon wrapped jalapeno

Smoked Jalapeno Peppers

As you can see, this is a simple recipe.  Add spices as you like. I use my main go-to rub most of the time, but I do experiment from time to time using other spices to mix in with the cream cheese.  Enjoy!


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