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Is it too early to be thinking about barbeques? Well, it depends on where you live. For some people like our Aussie brothers and sisters you might even be able to barbecue all the way through winter. They’re not the only ones either. There are places on the west coast that will still be sunny on Christmas day! But if you’re in an area where it’s started to get frightful outside, there’s no reason why you can’t look forward to another warm summer. For many of us here, the best part of summer is undoubtedly the barbeque. So, how can you make sure you give people the best barbie on the block next year? We’ve got some ideas.

A Great Chef Needs Great Equipment


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That’s why our first recommendation is that you choose a fantastic barbecue for your barbeque. You’ve got a lot of different options to consider here depending on whether you want to be more traditional with a stone barbie. Or, you might want to fire up the tech and make sure you have an innovatively designed barbecue. It’s entirely your choice but for our money the latest is always going to be the best. With new barbecues on the market, you can choose how you want to cook to make sure you get that lovely crisp yet succulent finish. You can even get different features included such as a turner. If you want to have a look at a fine example of a modern barbecue, check out something like the Weber Summit S-670 6 burner grill. This awesome machine is on the market right now and will make your next feast a dream come true.

Timing Is Everything

It might just be because we’ve been watching Ramsay yell at people on Hell’s Kitchen, but we think timing is crucial. You need to make sure that your meat is ready at the same time as the dressing. Otherwise, one goes cold while you’re waiting for another. Working with meat, you also need to make sure that you don’t overcook it. Sausages that look like lumps of charcoal can really ruin what could have been a fantastic barbie. Always keep an eyes on your meat and endeavour to ensure it is cooked to perfection. Try not to use too much oil either, otherwise the meat can get a little greasy, losing its natural flavour.

Skill Of A Chef

You might want to hone your cooking skills before your next barbeque. It’s certainly not a bad idea, particularly if you want to be the host that boasts the best roast. Yes, we stole that one from The Simpsons. But genuinely, you can arrange cooking classes online to tell you exactly how to cook meat to perfection. Whether you’re using the barbecue or cooking in the kitchen, the knowledge you’ll get is indispensable. Of course, you also check out some of the tips that we have to offer on our own blog. We love helping our visitors cook the perfect meat.

Have we whetted your appetite for barbecue? We hope so because it’s probably closer than you think!


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