Review: Stuff-A-Burger

Are you a gadget person?  I am.  If it makes something taste better, improve preparation time, make less of a mess etc – I’m all over it.  Today Weekend Grilling reviews the Stuff-A-Burger Press!  Read on to see if this $7-$8 gadget is worth it or not.  At the same time, enjoy the recipe for what I hope to be some awesome Stuffed Burgers!

Stuff-A-Burger Press


As show above, the directions to use the Stuff-A-Burger are extremely simple and with a little time and repetition it was simple.

First step is to put your ground beef into the press, press down with the small side of the lid to evenly distribute the meat on the bottom and sides of the press.  While my two attempts didn’t look quite as nice as the picture in the instructions, it wasn’t too difficult to manually spread the meat on the sides of the press.  It’s like making a meat bowl.


Now comes the fun part, get the items for the “stuffing”!  Use your imagination and if you have kids this would be a great way to get them involved in having them help out in the kitchen and get them interested in cooking.

Review: Stuff-A-Burger

Today it was just my bride and I so we kept things simple, a couple of different types of cheese, some bacon onions and jalapeno peppers sliced nice and thin.  Oh, not sure how that beer got in there, that was for me, not for the burger stuffing!  (Awesome beer by the way and if ever in Milwaukee the Lakefront Brewery Tour rocks!

DSC00748 DSC00751 DSC00754 Review: Stuff-A-Burger


Layer in your ingredients as you wish, I did a layer of cheese, then bacon, then onion then jalapeno peppers and another layer of cheese.  Fill till it’s near the top keeping in mind that you still have to put the top layer of ground beef on.  That’s the next step – top of the top of the burger with a thin layer of meat.

Review: Stuff-A-Burger


Next use the large side of the lid and press down firmly.  If you put too much meat in, as I did, the excess will squish out which is fine, you can simply use that excess in your next one.

Review: Stuff-A-Burger


When done, simply pop the burger out of the press and you have the ready-to-grill stuffed burger!  It’s basically a stuffed meatloaf, or those in the smoking world would call it a fatty, if you wrapped a bacon weave over the stuffed burger and smoked it.

Review: Stuff-A-Burger


For me to be a believer of a gadget, it must actually to what is says it will do, and either make the job easier or make the dish taste better.  So along with doing a couple Stuff-A-Burger’s, I also attempted to do a manual burger stuffed with cheese onions and jalapeno peppers.  Pretty much a hamburger patty, stuff for the inside and another hamburger patty.



Here they are ready to grill.

Review: Stuff-A-Burger


As you can see from the picture above, there was a slight issue with the top layer of the burger separating from the bottom portion.  I thought it would be an issue but it really wasn’t, furthermore, it could be due to me stuffing too much happiness inside the burger.  The bottom left picture is the manually made stuffed burger, you can see the cheese already outside the edges of the burger and most certainly end up a mess which it did.

Review: Stuff-A-Burger Review: Stuff-A-Burger

Right off the grill and they looked fabulous.  They stayed together very well, though I only flipped them once but that should be all you need to do anyway.  I was a little worried that turning them to get a nice cross – hatch pattern from my Grill Grates would loosen them up too much, but it would have been fine.

Review: Stuff-A-Burger Review: Stuff-A-Burger

This burger was a bacon-swiss-onion stuffed burger.  A little oozed out, but overall most of the filling did stay inside.

The results ~ Awesome!  Burgers tasted great, most of the stuffing did stay inside and certainly an improvement over a regular burger with a few toppings on it.  We ate them with no bun, again, similar to a meatloaf but the Stuff-A-Burger would be awesome on a bun with additonal toppings such as more cheese, lettuce, tomato and a little BBQ or ranch dressing as well.

The traditional manually stuffed burger did not turn out as good, most of the stuffing did ooze out, so the Stuff-A-Burger is an improvement over the traditional manual method and receives a grade of B+ in my grading scheme.

The simple cooking recipe is very easy.  I used high heat instead of smoking but I feel either method would be just as tasty.  I set my grill to 450° and used my GrillGrates.  Grilled the first side for about 8 minutes, flipped them over and grilled the other side for another 8.  I checked the temp and it was right at 160° so I pulled them.  The traditional burger which was thinner did get done sooner but that makes sense since it was half the overall size of the Stuff-A-Burger was.

The Stuff-A-Burger will be added to my grilling gadget drawer along with several other can’t-do-without items such as my Orange Gloves, Ove Gloves, Bradley Racks, Thermapen and of course my Grill Grates.  I’ve seen the Stuff-A-Burger at our local Menard’s store, but I assume most of the big-box places will have them, they are also available here through Amazon!  See this PAGE for some of these other gadgets.

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