Review: Pigtail Flipper by Cave Tools

Looking for a fast way to flip the meat on your grill? Then I have the tool for you – a Pigtail Flipper!  I recently received another great tool from the folks over at Cave Tools.  This time they sent me the Pigtail Flipper (see below on how to purchase and a discount code to use as well).  Since receiving the product, I have used it now for about a dozen times, each time the tool becomes more and more useful to me.  Note, most of the pictures below were from the first use when I really wasn’t using the tool properly – I will explain that in a minute.  Read on for my review of the Pigtail Flipper.


The Pigtail Flipper is a high-quality tool made by Cave Tools.  The flipper has a molded plastic handle that stays cool while the business end of the tool is made out of steel.

Pigtail Flipper

The above shows the tool easily moving these six sirloin steaks from the platter to the grill.  Once on the grill, it’s just as easy to flip them from one side to the next.  With steak, you only need to flip once, unless you are looking for those awesome cross-hash grilling marks.  With the Pigtail Flipper, you quickly turn the steaks from one side of the grill to another or turn the steaks to grill the other side.  This is crucial with steaks as you don’t want all the high-heat of the grill to escape.

Pigtail Flipper

It’s very easy to pick up any piece of meat and quickly move it or flip it.  Your hands will never need to be near the hot grill grate and you won’t spend precious time using a set of tongs to get the right grip on whatever you are moving or turning.

Pigtail Flipper


One of my first and actually only mistake that I made was piercing the steak in the middle of the piece of meat.  This is not necessary since you can pierce the outer edge and thereby not loose and precious juice from inside the middle of the meat.

I even used this tool to move a brisket from a platter to the smoker, it easily could handle such a large piece of meat without bending or having me worry that I was going to lose it along the way!

Pigtail Flipper


These are definitely a “BUY” rating in my book, and this comes from a guy who must have every BBQ tool out there.  I can’t tell you how many tools that I own that I tried once and will never bother to use again, this tool, the Pigtail Flipper by Cave Tools is NOT one of them!

I can’t emphasize enough the quality of this tool.  They come two in a package, again one large and one small (12″ and 17″ in length) and very well packaged in a nice study box.  They clean up in a breeze in the dishwasher and store easily.

You can use this discount coupon code to purchase your own set of Pigtail Flippers:  PIGTAIL15 – Use this code either through AMAZON or from Cave Tools direct with the following links:


Cave Tools





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