I’m a fan of dry rubs and love to try as many as I can when I’m not using my own “Soon to be Famous Weekend Grilling Dry Rub” and have found one that I can’t stop talking about. Last weekend I made some shrimp for appetizers and used the Cajun Shrimp Mojo Dry Rub by Mangia.Tv – it was nothing less than awesome!

Review Grilled Shrimp MoJo Dry Rub by Mangia

As far as the recipe goes, it’s quite simple, as they all are here on WeekendGrilling.Com! My typical recipe I use for grilled shrimp was very close to the recipe that Mangia enclosed along with the dry rubs that I purchased from them. Then again, it’s shrimp and besides the spices and/or dipping sauce used – the technique is always about the same, grill them high heat real quick; simple.

Review Grilled Shrimp MoJo Dry Rub by Mangia

Empty the shrimp into a colander to quickly rinse them under a stream of cold water. Place the peeled deveined shrimp (tail on or tail off) on a paper towel and either pat them dry or let them air dry a bit. Next, in a gallon-size ZipLock bag, pour a few tablespoons of olive oil into the bag and drop the shrimp in. Make sure to massage the olive oil on all sides of each shrimp.

Coat the shrimp well with the olive oil and then pour in some of Mangia’s Shrimp Dry Rub. As soon as you open up the packet of dry rub the aroma will hit you! This is powerful stuff! The first batch that I made I used half the package (2.75 oz.) to a pound or so of shrimp.

Spray a rack with Pam to prevent any sticking. I like to place paper towel down first then spray on the Pam. After you p lace the shrimp on the rack it’s an easy cleanup as all the drippings from the olive oil/rub mixture falls onto the paper towel and not your counter top.

Place on a hot grill, or set your smoker to high-heat, in my case I set my smoker to 450° and grilled for about 4 minutes per side.

I made two batches. First batch was a little spicy for my wife so the next batch I used two Ziplock bags and used 1/2 the amount of dry rub on hers and then more in mine. I had a dipping sauce but frankly you don’t need any sauce whatsoever with this fantastic rub. The wife also made a salad using the shrimp which looked as good as it tasted. I will be making another batch next time we have Bloody Mary’s as these will be a great addition to my Bloody Mary Breakfast drink. That will be a future post

Did you ever see a salad look any better? The taste was awesome. Alone, in a salad or however you wish to serve your grilled shrimp, give the Mangia Dry Rub a shot, you won’t be disappointed!