Napoleon is a manufacturer of barbecues that are of high quality, very powerful, and have innovative designs.

If you are looking for a long-lasting noble smoker, this brand is the right choice for you. The manufacturer offers a very wide range of products. Therefore you will find the right grill for every wallet. Some models have three burners, while others have seven.

Even though the different grills from Napoleon have different features, there are some highlights that all grills have, such as high-quality workmanship and noble design.

Bestseller No. 1
Napoleon PRO285X-BK TravelQ PRO285X Portable Gas Grill,...
  • The TravelQ PRO with Scissor Cart allows you to bring professional grilling anywhere with a convenient portable package
  • Ideal for tailgating, camping, and even barbecuing at home, the TravelQ PRO with Scissor Cart can cook up to 19 burgers at once
  • Napoleons iconic cast iron cooking grids provide even heat, prevent food from falling through, and create beautifully distinctive sear marks
  • Two separate burners provide precise temperature control so that you can do anything from gentle roasting and smoking using indirect heat, to high heat searing
  • The cast aluminum lid is built high enough for roasts, whole chickens, and even a holiday turkey
Bestseller No. 2
Napoleon BIP500RBPSS-3 Built-in Prestige 500 RB Propane Gas...
  • 66,000 BTU's
  • 4 Stainless Steel Main Burners
  • 760 in Total Cooking Area
  • NIGHT LIGHT Control Knobs with SafetyGlow
  • 7.5 mm Stainless Steel Iconic WAVE Cooking Grids
Bestseller No. 3
Napoleon P665RSIBNSS Prestige 665 RSIB Natural Gas Grill,...
  • This product is a Natural Gas unit and you must have Natural Gas plumbed out to your patio or deck to be able to use this grill; If you do not have Natural Gas plumbed, please look at our selection of Propane barbecues
  • 92, 000 BTUs with 5 Stainless Steel main burners
  • Stainless Steel iconic wave cooking grids and 1140 in² total cooking area
  • Infrared sizzle Zone side burner
  • Included rotisserie

Napoleon Sizzle Zone – What is that?

Napoleon Prestige Pro Gas Grills OverviewNapoleon gas grills with a sizzle zone have a ceramic infrared burner that can reach very high temperatures of 980 degrees Celsius in a very short time. This is not even remotely possible with normal burners.

However, since the Napoleon Sizzle Zone can do this, it can be used to produce delicious steaks. The meat gets a crispy crust within a few seconds and still remains juicy inside.



The Prestige series captivates with a noble design consisting of many stainless steel and chrome elements. In addition, individual grills have sophisticated technology and elegant controls. This results in a noble appearance that will remain even after many years.


Every Napoleon gas barbecue from this series is ideal for very ambitious barbecue fans and also for professionals. It includes the three upper categories LEX, LE3, and LE1. The latter is primarily suitable for beginners but also for advanced grillers. Such a Napoleon gas barbecue has four burners and a large grilling surface. It also has a practical side cooker and a stainless and durable stainless steel grid.


These barbecues are perfect for people who want to switch to gas barbecues. All models in the Rogue range have a comprehensive range of features and are made of very high-quality materials. A big advantage is that they can be used for both indirect and direct grilling. In the simplest model, the preparation surface is made of enameled cast iron, while other models have very robust stainless steel grills. All grills in the Rogue range have a side burner or a rear burner.


The Napoleon Triumph gas barbecues are also suitable for newcomers to gas barbecuing. They have cast iron grills and a practical side cooker. The individual models have different numbers of burners and the size of the grilling surface can also vary. Among other things, this class is characterized by a very good price-performance ratio and is therefore perfect for beginners who still need to get used to grilling with gas. With all models in this class, you can try out what is possible before you buy a larger model.

Travel Q

As the name suggests, the Travel Q-Series models are also suitable for traveling. Because they are quite small, don’t weigh much and are still top equipped. The 3.5-kilowatt output is also quite impressive. This range includes three different models that can be used in the park, on the campsite, or even on a balcony. They have solid cast-iron grates that give each barbecue unique branding.

They differ mainly in their lid. The lid of the so-called PRO285, for example, is higher than that of the other models. In addition, only the TQ285X has a frame. And the grills in this series also differ in their firing. Both TQ285X models are operated with a special screw-in cartridge, whereas the PRO285 is operated with a gas cylinder. No matter where you want to barbecue, a Napoleon Travel Q is your perfect companion at all places.

Built-in grill attachments

With a Napoleon grill attachment, they crown every outdoor kitchen of this manufacturer. Because with these you can regulate them and make them very flexible. Even if there is no side cooker, these appliances provide enough power for every barbecue evening.


A high-quality Napoleon gas barbecue is robust and durable, but it should always be suitably protected. The manufacturer offers different covers for this purpose. These protect the grill from all external influences, such as weather, dirt, pollen, and all other threats. For this purpose, they are made of heavy and particularly hard-wearing PVC, which is UV-protected. A practical ventilation shaft prevents waterlogging at the back. Practical click fasteners make them withstand even strong storms without any problems.

Grill cutlery

The barbecue cutlery is of very high quality and contains all the tools that are needed again and again when barbecuing with a Napoleon gas barbecue but also with all other barbecues. The individual elements are made of robust investment cast stainless steel and have ergonomically shaped handles for ideal handling. The set also includes a grill tong with which you can easily and quickly turn the barbecue food and remove it from the grill. Larger meat as well as easily fragile vegetables and fish, on the other hand, can be perfectly turned over in the ball grill with the grill turner included in the set. It has a serrated cutting edge and a specially ground edge. This allows it to slide underneath the food to be grilled and also turns over fried food without any problems.

Grill dishes

You can purchase a wide variety of barbecue utensils from this manufacturer. This also includes a high-quality vegetable basket. It is dishwasher safe and very durable. With the vegetable basket you can also grill all side dishes gently. In order to move it or to lift it, it has two side handles. On the bottom as well as on the sides there are many holes, which ensure that your food is cooked very evenly. In addition, the juice can drain off very well and does not accumulate in the vegetable basket.

Maintenance & Care

A Napoleon gas barbecue should be regularly and above all properly cared for and maintained. Because only then is trouble-free operation possible. You can buy a practical set for this purpose, which includes a special brush with which you can easily and quickly clean the so-called Jetfire ignition system. And with the also included drill you can clean clogged burning holes very effectively. All parts fit very well in the hand and can therefore also clean areas that are difficult to access.

Turning spits

The spits are suitable for different Napoleon gas barbecues, such as the Prestige 500, the Prestige Pro 500, the LEX 485 and also for the LE 485. For example, you can create delicious roasts and crispy chickens. The skewers are delivered in a set that contains all necessary parts.

Pizza stone

If you like, you can also add a pizza stone to your grill to bring a touch of Italy to your garden.