Let’s get this Party (2018) started!

Greetings fellow grilling and smoking enthusiasts!

Yes, yes, I’m still alive.  I so apologize for not posting as often as one should but between the day job, my home-based bookkeeping business and the weather, I have not been able to do much grilling or smoking much less post new cooks or recipes too often!  That changes now.  Well, soon anyway.  2018 has been crazy busy already, but I do see a light at the end of the tunnel.  That light my friends is the glow from my grill!

Here’s what I have planned, in the short term, for upcoming blog posts in 2018:

  • The Weekend Grilling 2018 Challenge – Join me in grilling 18 new items on your grill or in your smoker that you have never grilled before!
  • I’m tweaking my “Outside Inside” Brisket recipe.  Thanks to my buddy Tasi who brought this awesome cooking method to my attention!
  • I’m also tweaking my “Brisket Leftover Chili” recipe.  A great use for that leftover brisket, if you have any leftover that is.
  • Working on a review for the Cave Tool’s Pigtail Flipper.  A new tool that helps you quickly flip whatever’s on your grill.  If interested in purchasing, use “PIGTAIL15” for a discount.
  • Fish On!  I’m looking to grill more fish this year. I know, I said that last year and even bought a book on grilling methods for fish for inspiration.
  • I’m also going to get going and start up the “Wisconsin BBQ Association” – a club or organization for like-minded individuals to talk all things BBQ and endless other possibilities.
  • And much more!

Give me your ideas, what would you like me to try?  What do you think will be this year’s new grilling or smoking trend?  Remember all the beer-can burgers a few years ago?  Pork belly last year I think was crazy popular; what’s up for this year?

Can’t wait to get out from behind this desk in my basement and in front of my grill where I truly belong!  Oh, yeah, click on the ThermoPop pic below, they have an “open box” sale going on through this weekend!

ThermoWorks ThermoPop

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