Jalapeno Beer Brats

It’s National Bratwurst Day!  How will you celebrate?

Brats are pretty awesome on their own, grill ’em up, add your favorite toppings and enjoy these delicious German sausages.   Brats, bathed in a butter, onion, jalapenos and of course beer are one of our favorite ways to serve them up.  My Jalapeno beer brats recipe below is one of our traditional camping meals, this, along with my Italian Beef recipe, was always part of our camping trips.  These two dishes are perfect for busy camping days or parties when a sit-down dinner is impossible.   The brats can stay in a slow cooker for hours and will be ready when your friends and family are ready!


Jalapeno Beer Brats

Jalapeno Beer Brats

Beer Brats are a staple during the summer months here in Wisconsin.  I’ve made my beer brats countless times, so easy, so delicious.  This variation – Jalapeno Beer Brats, adds a hint of heat to an already delicious sausage!

Start off with a good quality brat from your local butcher, or here at Omaha Steaks!  I also love Johnsonville brats as well.

The first step is to simply brown up the brats.  Get some nice sear marks on the bratwurst only, you don’t have to fully cook them at this point.

Beer Brats


Next, drop the brats in a crockpot.  Add two large sliced onions, a stick of butter, a jar of sliced jalapenos (with the juice) then add a few cans of beer.  Use enough beer to just slightly cover the brats, no sense wasting more beer than you have to!  Heat on high for about three hours, or on low for about five or so.  An added plus to this recipe is the fact that the longer the brats sit in this bath the tastier they will be.  These brats will be extremely tender and the taste is out of this world delicious!

Beer Brats1

I have also simply used an aluminum foil pan and used the above recipe right on the grill under low heat.  Much less clean-up!

Serve them up!

Serve the brats on a brat bun – no hot dog buns! Add sour kraut, stone-ground mustard or even some of the onions and jalapenos from the crockpot!  You really won’t need much as these brats are awesome just on their own.  The jalapenos add just a little heat but not too much so they can be enjoyed by the entire family.  You can use mild jalapenos if you or your guests don’t like a little heat.

Give my Jalapeno Beer Brats a try on this most sacred holiday – National Bratwurst Day!

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