How to Throw A Killer BBQ Blast

How To Throw A Killer BBQ Blast

Who does not like BBQ parties? The last BBQ party that I was invited to though, gave me nothing but disappointment. Not that the food was not great, it was simply because the party could have been organized a whole lot better than it actually was. If you are planning on throwing a summer BBQ party in your backyard and you are stuck, you are not alone. Backyard BBQ parties are perfect opportunities for families to get together, friends to celebrate their successes and neighbors to appreciate your cooking! Since it involves so many people, you obviously want to give your best shot and maintain your reputation as the grilling expert. Stop everything else and read on to how you can rock a BBQ party effortlessly, using these awesome BBQ party ideas.

Let The Invitations Begin!

Plan out how many people you will invite and how your backyard will look like. You’ll need to prepare some food items, such as meat beforehand. Think of a theme for your party. You can invite via email or send out handmade invitation cards. Extra effort is always appreciated! Think of whether you will be doing it buffet style or not and what food items you’ll have. Do not forget to put on some music near the swimming pool, if you are planning a night party.

Get The Perfect Outdoor Cooking Experience Starting With Your Grill

To ensure that your backyard grill party goes smooth, you’ll definitely need to have a grill that can handle the pressure well. Technically, you can use any kind of grill you want, but to save time and space of your backyard and also support a big group of people, you should think wise.

Pellet smokers are great for outdoor grilling. They are large and can fit more food, including pulled pork for a whole crowd. You can use its versatility to grill and smoke a variety of food items. You can also use it for roasting and even baking! These grills run on electricity, but require wood pellets as fuel. Sometimes wood chips might be added to get particular smoking flavors. With the gas, you can adjust the amount of heat reaching the foods. Pellet smokers also pre-heat quicker. To get more smoke you should use temperatures below 250 degrees.

Or you can opt for an electric smoker. If you use an electric smoker you won’t have to stand in front of your food all the time observing its cooking. You can use that time to do other things for the party, such as decorations, cleaning up your backyard, preparing the tables for guests, etc. Electric smokers work well in hot temperatures. In general, you’ll have to add wood chips every three to five hours.

Choose Easy Recipes, Just to be on The Safe Side

If you are not an expert at grilling and have only just started using your grill, stay on the safe side by picking easy recipes. Go for a few appetizers to keep your guests entertained, such as pickles, guacamole, nachos, potato kebabs, etc. Grilling shrimps and making sausages are also good ideas. Kids seem to love these. For main course you can add anything from chicken to pork to beef steak, but also remember that some people crave for seafood or vegetarian items. Fleshy fish such as salmon is recommended for grilling.

Set Up The Tables

Condiments are literally little bottles of joy! You can prepare a table where assorted condiments such as mayonnaise, sauce, ketchup, mustard, salt, sugar and food seasoning substances such are kept. You can prepare a separate table for soft drinks or alcoholic drinks. Keep the desserts on a separate table as well. Desserts could include, cupcakes, pies, brownies, slushies trifles and fruit juices. Your party would be incomplete without these yummy desserts. After all, party lovers can eat all the smoked food they want, but they will also want to cool down. If you have a swimming pool, open it up so that your guests can beat the heat. You can play music throughout the party. There are certain playlists available that cater to backyard BBQ parties.

Light Up The Party

Whether the party is during the day or during the night time, decorations and how well lit your party is what your guests will ultimately remember. Place foldable and colorful seating arrangements outside that would look good with your yard and swimming pool. Unpredictable weather patterns can stomp on your BBQ party so make sure your outdoor furniture is light and easy to carry around so that you can take everything back home before a storm approaches. Remember if there are any chances of rain, the first thing you do is run home with your grill! Jokes aside, decorate the garden with colorful lanterns and set up table umbrellas.

Also, there should be some space for games! Karaoke evenings are definitely fun. Twister, water fights and tag can be fun games for kids. You can arrange hula-hoops and also water races on the swimming pool. Depending on the theme of your party, you can arrange even more games. There might be a few people not interested in outdoor games. Send them to a room where they can comfortably play video games.

This might sound all fun and amazing but throwing a killer backyard BBQ party is no easy task. You’ll have to prepare your backyard and swimming pool to begin with! You also have to keep your house neat and clean. Last but not the least, you’ll have to set up the grill out in the yard. Some foods might need some preparing from the day before the event. Lastly, just because your grill is handling so many food items, doesn’t mean your kitchen will remain spotless. You’ll also have to use the kitchen to cook foods that do not need grilling, such as rice items. Only if you have what it takes, you should go on to plan a lit BBQ party according to your tastes. If you are a real party lover, these ideas will grow on you and you will definitely be able to throw the most happening backyard BBQ party in your neighborhood.



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