Hold A Truly Grill-iant BBQ Bash

bbq bash 1

Think summer and you instantly think BBQ. It is the greatest thing about hot and long days. The idea of eating three meals a day, seven days a week is a thought you need to keep for winter months only because once summer is here it is all about cooking outside. It’s the smell, the taste, the buzz, the wafting smoke, the company, the family, the activities; all of it is centered around the BBQ and rightly so. But there is a lot of pressure heaped onto those who host a BBQ party, because everyone believes their methods and recipes are the best. You can feel the eyes on you as you cook and, when you serve up the food, you can visibly see everyone suddenly become food critics. So how do you host the ultimate BBQ party? Well, read on and we’ll give it to you straight.

The Grill
As the host and the cook, chances are you are going to attract people to you, which means they will come and stand around your barbeque grill. As such, your first move is to have one that shouts. You need a grill that is going to seriously impress your crowd, and attract some compliments, maybe even a few grunts of appreciation and envy. It doesn’t matter if you go coal or gas or even go with a pit barrel cooker, just so long as you go with something phenomenal, so go and have a look at what BBQ Plus is doing and take note.

Know The Basics
It’s all about a clean grill. Chances are some of your guests will show up before you’re ready, and you show them a filthy grill you are done for. So preheat the grill, give it a scrub and clean it will vegetable oil, this will stop any of the meat sticking. When it comes to recipes, have a secret something up your sleeve. As for your cooking technique, one turn is enough. Don’t keep playing with your food. Just turn it once. Then when it’s done to your standards, put it on a warm plate, cover it with foil and let the juices regroup for the ultimate flavor.

Have A Theme
Take the pressure of yourself by putting some on your guests, and there is no better and more entertaining way to do this than to have a theme. It doesn’t have to be detailed, or a specific something like Hawaiian. It could just be a color or a letter, just so long as one is put into effect. This will draw the attention away from you and create a real conversation starter among your friends.

bbq bash 2
The Space
Do something with your garden. It doesn’t have to be much, but do something. Cut the grass, lay the table with a nice cloth, buy a speaker and have a great playlist, hang some bunting or some fairy lights, get some garden games. The more you do and prepare the more you are going to knock this one for 6 and take home the crown of BBQ King or Queen, and that’s all any of us really want.

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