Guest Post: Health Benefits of Coffee

Drink Up – The Wonderful Health Benefits Hidden in Your Cup of Coffee


Coffee can not only get you up and going in the morning; it can also help improve your health.  Don’t feel guilty about enjoying a cup, or even two or three because coffee has some amazing benefits besides waking you up with some caffeine.  Too much coffee can have the reverse effects on your health, but drinking the right amount and without too many additives can have some short-term and long-term benefits for you.

King of Antioxidants

Coffee has been known to have more antioxidants in it than many healthy foods.  Coffee has a highly-concentrated amount of these immune-boosting compounds, especially those known as flavonoids.  Flavonoids can help fight the risk of tumors, inflammation, allergies, and viruses.  Coffee is plant-based, and plants create antioxidants to help protect themselves.  These antioxidants found in coffee help repair and prevent damage either from bad-habits like smoking or eating poorly, a suffering metabolism, and other adverse effects that our bodies receive as we age.

Disease Fighter

Many people are surprised to discover that drinking coffee regularly can also decrease the risk of certain diseases.  Like red wine, the amount that you drink every day will determine the benefits that your body receives.  Too much coffee and caffeine (and wine) can irritate the system, doing more harm than good.  Coffee can lower the risk of dementia, Parkinson’s Alzheimer’s as well as a few types of cancer, such as liver cancer and liver cirrhosis.  It has also been known to decrease the development of Type-2 diabetes.  Studies aren’t conclusive on exactly how coffee lowers these risks, but it is more reason for you to enjoy your cup today.

Mood Enhancer

Coffee not only puts you in a better mood, but it can also do so quickly.  Coffee is one of the safest and most wholesome ways to boost your mood.  It is known as a brain stimulant which is why so many people prefer to drink their coffee in the morning, to help wake them up.  Having a cup will awaken the nervous system, improving not only cognitive function but bodily functions too.  It also gets the blood flowing to the brain.  This is why many people experience good feelings or moods, because the caffeine wakes up your brain, ebbing out sleepiness or fatigue.

Depression Fighter

Studies have shown that people, women in particular, who had two to three cups per day were less likely to be depressed.  Coffee again is a stimulant that increases blood flow and enhances your mood which has positive health benefits.  Depression symptoms include lack of interest, motivation, and tiredness – all components that the caffeine in a few cups of coffee each day dissuades.


Coffee has two things that can invigorate anti-aging.  Both antioxidants and caffeine assist in helping your skin look better. Caffeine’s effects on your skin are temporary because it causes cells to shrink.  However, the antioxidants have more long-term effects on aging, as they help repair damaged cells and decrease inflammation.  Coffee doesn’t produce any major effects on anti-aging, but it does support the big picture in staying healthy.

Metabolism Booster

Coffee can aid in the process of weight loss. Since coffee is a stimulant, it gets the blood moving, our brains awake, and also increases metabolism performance.  Faster metabolisms mean that more fat is being burned.  Drinking too much can interfere with your metabolism and increase your heart rate and blood pressure.  Drink the recommended one to three cups a day for the maximum benefits for both mind and body.

Perfect Performance

The right amount of caffeine can increase performance, whether you’re at work, exercising, or doing anything that takes thinking power.  The stimulants found in coffee get your bodies and minds moving, and many see an increased performance or productivity after enjoying a few cups.  Weight-builders or people who compete in physical fitness competitions are known to occasionally drink coffee before a workout as an energy and metabolism booster for better endurance and stamina.

Ditch the Additives

Coffee consumption for health benefits is based on the lack of additives.  Adding sugar, artificial sweeteners, heavy cream and artificial creamer severely affects the coffee’s ability to provide benefits to your body.  Too much sugar can wreak havoc on your system and can actually increase the risk factors associated with heart disease.  Try an organic blend of coffee or add sweeteners like Stevia, or all-natural sweeteners.  Avoid anything artificial and your body and coffee will thank you.

Coffee promotes healthy body functions.  It is okay to have a few cups each day to get both body and mind stimulated.  Our busy lives can leave us tired and frazzled, but coffee delivers a delicious taste, positive health benefits, and a sharp mind.  It also gives us the endurance to conquer our to-do lists, run errands and carry on throughout our days.  Enjoy that cup of coffee today, because both your mind and body deserve it.


Bio: Sarah is passionate about coffee, its benefits, and all the exciting techniques used to prepare it. She shares what she knows and what experts say about the subject on We Dream of Coffee.


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