Guest Post: Weekly Meal Plan

Weekly Meal Plan for a Good Health


Getting healthy is a very important aspect of living life. If you want to be as healthy as possible you need to optimize your meal plans and start exercising. Creating a weekly meal plan is a good way to start, but the problem you might face is that you don’t have the sort of knowledge that would facilitate the creation of a good diet plan.


The first thing you need to focus on is getting all of your nutrition right. Keeping your daily calories at about two thousand would fit someone that is of an average height and weight, and to top it all off you would be able to eat a fair amount of food without feeling like you are starving. That being said, nutrition matters, so what you are eating is just as important as how much of it you are eating.


Breakfast needs to be full of two things more than anything else; protein and carbohydrates. You don’t need a huge dose of vitamins first thing in the morning, but some freshness would help a fair amount so you should consider adding some juice to your meal, but the main event during this particular meal should involve bread for sure, as well as a protein source.


Eggs are a popular option but try and remove the yolk so that the fat content of your meals has decreased. If you don’t like bread, cereal can be great for your morning carbs. Having some fruit juice or sliced fruits can also be very beneficial because you’d get a burst of vitamins at the start of your day. A lot of people think that meat is a good idea at the beginning of the day but it can actually cause quite a few problems such as indigestion because your body is just not ready for it so early on in the day.


As for lunch, you need to keep things heavy because this is the main meal of the day. Try not to eat too much because you do need to keep your calories down, but incorporating meat is acceptable here. Vegetables should also obviously form a part of your daily lunch routine, but avoiding bread should be a goal because it would just be unnecessary carbs.


Contrary to popular opinion, dinner should be as light as possible. A nice salad should work nicely, although you can incorporate legumes into your meals as well. Try to eat some cold fruits, this would give you a pretty good sleep. If you notice a lack of dairy in this meal plan, that’s intentional. Dairy is just not good for you. It’s fattening and causes allergic reactions and should just generally be avoided at all costs.

Once you start following a good diet, all you have to do is relax because you are going to start losing weight without doing anything else at all.


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