Guest Post: How to Plan Your Ideal Outdoor Grilling Station

How to Plan Your Ideal Outdoor Grilling Station

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If you’re a homeowner, the idea of building an outdoor grilling station is likely to appeal to you, especially in those hot summer months when all you want to do at the weekend is crack open a beer, grill some meat and enjoy a lazy afternoon. If you’ve got the time to create your own grilling station and consider yourself a bit of a DIY whizz, why not get started now and have yours ready before next summer rolls around? How to Plan Your Ideal Outdoor Grilling Station.

If you’re thinking of building your ideal outdoor grilling station, consider the following tips before you begin:

Plan space, location, and materials wisely

Perhaps you’d like to entertain dozens of guests at summer cookouts, or perhaps you’d prefer to grill for the family. Knowing how you’re likely to use your new grilling station will help you to decide how much of a project you’ll need to undertake, as well as how much preparation and storage space you’ll need; feeding thirty guests will require a lot more space than will feeding four!

The location of your grilling station is also important. Do you want it to be close to the house so you can run back and forth for dinnerware if you need to, or would you prefer it to be fully stocked with all the necessities? Knowing whether you’ll have easy access to your indoor kitchen will help you to efficiently plan your space. As far as storage goes, it’ll be relatively simple to build cubby holes to store dinnerware, but you might like to build cupboards if you want to keep pets or insects at bay.

weekend grilling station

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Additionally, think about the weather when choosing your building materials. It might be that you’re lucky enough to live in an area with a mild climate, and you don’t have to worry about what the long winter months will do to your new grilling station. If, however, you live somewhere with harsh winters or a serious rainy season, you might want to make your grilling station a little sturdier, so you won’t have any problems come summer. In this case, think about keeping plates and cutlery indoors, and only bringing them outside when it’s actually time to cook, as well as using sturdy materials to build rather than materials that look great but won’t last long-term.

Decide what appliances and kitchenware you’ll need

You want to build a grilling station that’ll last, so it’s worth investing in quality materials. The most important part is, of course, kitchenware! You’ll have a lot of decisions to make regarding kitchenware, so be prepared for a bit of research. Quality taps and sinks made from long-lasting materials are a must if you want a fully functional outdoor kitchen – otherwise, you’ll be replacing them within the year. Pick your sink and taps with your needs in mind; you might like to choose a benchtop that includes a sink and preparation area or to invest in a sink with a drain. As far as grilling goes, there are plenty of appliances built to use outdoors; you might like to try either a built-in or a freestanding grill, depending on the layout of your station.

Don’t forget outdoor heating when planning your ideal grilling station! Radiant heaters will help to keep you and your guests warm while you eat outside in the evenings, while an external gas fireplace will help to create a relaxed, warm ambiance – perfect if you’re planning on a romantic outdoor dinner or an intimate gathering with close friends on a cool night.


No matter your design choices, one thing’s for sure – as soon as your friends and family see your new outdoor grilling station, they’ll be inviting themselves over for cookouts all summer long!

Harper Reid is a freelance writer from Auckland, New Zealand who has a passion for food and travel. When she’s not writing, you’ll find her planning her next trip or exploring new eats in the city. You can find more of her work on her Tumblr., Inc.




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