Guest Post: How Long To Smoke Salmon

How Long To Smoke Salmon – The Only Guide You Need to Know

Salmon is always one of the most attracted seafood of all times. Among various recipes around the world, I am particularly into smoked salmon, which is not too complicated to make but is super good.

But a lot of you might struggle with one thing like me for the first time: how long to smoke salmon. The answer can be found in this article.

Benefits of Smoked Salmon

Smoked Salmon

Let’s begin with some information about smoked salmon. This is well-known for not only its amazing flavor but also a variety of benefits.

Smoked salmon can provide a great number of dietary proteins that play an essential role in building healthy and strong tissues.

Dietary protein will transform into amino acids in your body, and subsequently, they will be used by your cells for proper functioning. The lack of these proteins might cause the breakdown of your muscle tissues.

In fact, if you consume 3 ounces per day, it can fulfill a quarter of an ordinary person’s daily requirement.

Besides, fat is also an important nutrient that you can get from salmon, especially omega-3 fatty acids. They have many benefits, including brain enhancement or prevention against dementia.

Other minerals, such as iron, in salmon are necessary to keep many mechanisms in your body working well.

Nevertheless, I don’t say that you should choose salmon as an indispensable part of your daily meal. Smoked salmon can pose some threats to your health if you use it excessively.

Salmon contains a lot of sodium as well, and too much sodium will make you more vulnerable to high blood pressure. Cardiovascular diseases are possible consequences.

How Long to Smoke Salmon

Smoked Salmon

You are free to select the way you want to smoke salmon, and two main methods are the most popular.

To get perfect smoked salmon, you have to know some secret tips in each method.


In this method, you have to be steady and slow. These two factors are crucial to get the ideal smoked salmon.

The temperature should be kept low during the whole process. This enables salmon to be tasteful, moist and flaky.

You should cook at 120 degrees Fahrenheit and salmon ought to stay for more or less than 3 hours.

In case you do not have much time, the temperature could rise to 220 and the amount of time will go down to 2 hours only.

On the other hand, if you look for wood, alder is the best recommendation for perfect salmon. The use of alder has been practiced in America for thousands of years.

Chips or chunks are not suitable for smoked salmon.


If you use pellet grill, it is slightly different from the use of a smoker. And in fact, it is a little more challenging.

It requires you to pay much attention to the cooking process constantly.

The reason is that the temperature in a grill is normally hotter than that in a smoker. As a result, the cooking time decreases.

You should rely on a digital thermometer, which will show you how long to smoke salmon ideally.

But in most circumstances, the temperature you use should be over 150 degrees Fahrenheit. This allows your salmon to absorb the best flavor.

Normally, you will need 2 hours to finish smoking salmon with the help of a grill.

Salmon Recipe

Smoked Salmon

Of course, there is no fixed formula for smoked salmon. But I am pleased to share my recipe with you.


First of all, it is necessary to deal with fresh salmon. It is not available everywhere, but you should try your best to get it.

Fresh salmon should be cleaned and filleted. Then, use plastic or paper to wrap your salmon.

In case salmon is frozen, no problem at all! You had better start thawing it 24 hours before getting into the main game.

Brine Salmon

  • Pour water into bowl and a little salt
  • Mix them well until salt is completely dissolved
  • Brown sugar should be added as well, followed by lemon juice
  • Put salmon into the bowl completely
  • Then, place the bowl into your fridge for at least one hour per pound

Dry Salmon

After brining your salmon, you should quickly put it into the cool water again.

Paper towels are not suggested. Instead, you can put it near an open window for just some hours

After getting dry, the salmon becomes ready to be smoked, or you can even store it longer in the fridge. Sugar and salt you use to brine salmon help it last longer.

Smoke the Salmon

I have already mentioned how to smoke salmon as above. You should select the way that is suitable for your situation and make sure to pay attention to tips.

The temperature and amount of time have significant effects on the quality of your dish, so be attentive to them.


Overall, smoked salmon is a great choice a few times per week. It contains a lot of healthy nutrients that your body needs to work well.

This frequency also guarantees that you are not exposed to possible health problems.

Understanding how long to smoke salmon not only improves the flavor of the dish but also ensures that you do not have to eat overcooked fish. It is not good for health.

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