Guest Post: Why Does a Healthy Thanksgiving Turkey Make You Tired and Sleepy?

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Are you wondering why you keep going straight to bed after Thanksgiving dinner? You probably leave your siblings, cousins and other family members having a good time in the living room. I also know that you keep blaming that turkey! Although I don’t entirely agree with you, there’s some truth in this. So, I’ve taken the time to put together some of the reasons why we should all blame the turkey for missing out on the fun of Thanksgiving.


The Amino Acid Tryptophan

I need to point out that although all foods are digested the same way, they do not affect your body the same way. Some foods like turkey have the tryptophan amino acid. It helps the body to create serotonin that makes you feel drowsy after eating. Other foods which have this food component include soy, eggs, cheese, tofu and fish. Once you combine all these with turkey on Thanksgiving, you’ll pass out in no time!  

We Love Stuffing Our Stomachs!

Thanksgiving is one of the best holidays of the calendar year. We love it because we meet up with family, and friends for a ‘feast.’ The highlight of the dinner is the turkey which we devour from limb to limb! Eventually, we get full and can’t have more. When we’ve had our fill, the body starts the process of digestion, producing hormones such as serotonin which causes drowsiness!


Your Sleeping Habits

It’s not surprising that lack of sleep during the night can affect how you behave after a Thanksgiving dinner. I’ve mentioned that once you’re full, your body gets into a state of relaxation. This means that if you didn’t get a good night sleep before, you’d fall asleep within ‘seconds.’

For a good night’s rest, I would recommend that you stick to a regular sleeping schedule, reduce stress and include exercise in your daily program. Although daytime naps have been found to improve physical and mental performance, enough rest during the night is way better! Even so, if you’re having problems sleeping, TryMattress reports show that your mattress may be to blame!


Lack of Enough Physical Exercises!

Besides boosting your sleep during the night, exercises can also help in keeping you alert throughout the day. It’s sad that we’ve forgotten to keep our bodies in their right level of fitness. We are also too busy to even go for an early morning jog! This means that Thanksgiving is one of the times we take a break from work to relax with our families.

I discovered that this feeling increases once we stuff our bellies with a healthy Turkey. Here, we lose our focus and concentration as our alert levels are at all-time low. In the end, we give in to sleep and retire to our beds!


What’s Accompanying Your Turkey?

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Let’s just be honest for a minute. I know you love having your Turkey with a glass of wine right? While I wouldn’t point any fingers, combining alcohol with your plate of meat can quickly ‘put you down.’ So, I think we should all try reducing our alcohol intake during Thanksgiving. However, in doing so, we risk killing the fun in the party.

Luckily, I’ve come up with a suitable solution. How about alternating drinks with slightly less alcoholic beverages like a light beer? Also, consider introducing soft drinks for your guests to enjoy after having their turkey.


Thanksgiving Is Full Of Many Activities!

Thanksgiving comes with many fun activities. Suitable examples include backyard football and indoor games such as Ping-Pong. These activities boost energy, making the muscles tired and you hungry! So, once that Turkey is put before you, you’ll waste no time in tearing it into pieces. After the delicious meal, you’ll just feel tired and drowsy. And within no time, you’ll be snoring under your sheets!

If you’re feeling tired after eating a tasty Thanksgiving Turkey, it’s only your body responding to the process of digestion. In short, I’m trying to say that this is entirely normal! Even so, remember that Thanksgiving comes once in a year. Maybe, we should all stop blaming the Turkey for our poor sleeping habits!

Will Boyles is no stranger to healthy eating. He studies new ways to stay healthy but loves to spoil himself with some great tasting wine. Cheers!




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