Guest Post: 8 Reasons Why You Should Grill More

8 Reasons Why You Should Grill More


Even the simplest recipe can be complicated if you are going for the healthy route. There are different studies that prove that there are different ways to cook your meal that is healthier and better for you. There are even articles and different news about how some food is good for you while some food is not, and there are those that talks about how frying is bad for your health and that you should opt for grilling your meat instead. There have been doubts about the benefits of grilling your food since the thought of exposing your meat into direct fire seemed a bit risky, but science has proven that it is not the case.

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Grilling your meat is probably one of the most common and the most ancient method of cooking your meat. Way before oil was discovered and frying your meat became a staple way for cooking your meat, grilling the food has always been there and it has always been practiced. Grilling is actually a great way of cooking your meat as there are way more health benefits and it is better for your overall health.

Grilling is also a way of bonding with your friends and your family, because no matter what the occasion is and no matter what kind of temperature there is, people can agree that grilling is enjoyable. From steaks to burgers, from hot dogs to sausages, from chicken to fish, from vegetables to fruits, the kind of foods that you can grill are many and you have a lot of options. The best part about all of these is that grilling is not just fun, it is healthy too. There are different health benefits of grilling your food and it is highly recommended by professionals instead of placing your food on the stove or the oven. It is the best kind of cooking for those who want to watch their weight and those who want to watch their calorie intake and their cholesterol level.

With these being said, here are the 8 reasons why you should grill more.


  • If you toss your food on the grill, you can eat less fat

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One of the best benefits of grilling your food is that you can eat less fat, thus making it good for your heart and it can also lower your cholesterol. When you grill all of your meat, you can take in less fat because all of the excess fat of the meat drips off the grill grates. Because of this, what you will be able to intake are just the remaining protein and the lean meat. This is best to do if you want to grill your burger, because if you grill it then the fat of the burger patty cooks off, while in a pan the fat of the burger patty has nowhere to go so it sits on the pan and turns into a pool that can be re-absorbed by the patty. This is also the best way to cook the meat of someone who wants to lose weight and those who have heart ailments and cholesterol problems.


  • Grilled vegetables are good for you


Vegetables can retain their natural vitamins and their minerals if they are grilled, and that is something that most people do not realize. Fried and boiled vegetables are not as healthy as the grilled ones. This is true for vegetables that have a very low water content since they can keep intact even after grilling. The vegetables that are toss on your grill are usually those in season, which means that they are fresh, and they are a lot better than their canned version. You can wrap your vegetables in a tin foil or you can just place them immediately on top of your grill. If you cook your vegetables in this manner, you can retain their nutritional value instead of boiling them or fry them.


  • The meat can retain its nutrients

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Same with the vegetables, grilled meat can retain its natural nutrients. When you toss your meat in the grill it can preserve its natural riboflavin and thiamine, these nutrients that are naturally found in the meat are the best for people who want to have a healthy diet, as they can help with your digestive system and your cholesterol level. You can also eat a lot of protein because the fat of the meat drips off if they are grilled.


  • You use less butter


Cooking your meat and your vegetables in a pan sometimes requires you to place butter just so it can have moisture and you can unleash its natural taste. If you grill all of your meat and your vegetables, then you can have tasty vegetables and juicy cuts of meat because the grill itself can help lock in the moisture of your food without you having to use any butter. You do not even have to use that much condiment to make your food tastier because the grill can do it for you. This means that the less the condiments, the less the calories and the healthier it is.


  • It can increase your physical activityweekend grilling


Grilling your food requires you to go outdoors and going outdoors means that you are required to do other activities with your friends and family. While you are grilling your food, you can kick a ball with the kids or you can throw a frisbee with your pet. Grilling outdoors promote a healthier lifestyle and more physical activities.


  • No oil


Another benefit of grilling your food is that you do not have to use too much oil to cook your food. Although there is oil that says they are good for your heart, they can still be spoiled especially if the oil has fats of the meat mixed in them. When you grill all of your food, the oil is only brushed to keep the fire going, but the rest of the drips off, making the food healthier for you to eat.


  • It gives your food more flavor


Grilling can give your taste buds a feast because when you grill all of your food, you can naturally release its flavor, and it tastes a lot better than having to cook it in a pan. Cooking your food in a stove or an oven can make it taste bland. But because the grill can make your food release its natural taste because of its smoky texture and natural fire, you will be able to enjoy your meals more.


  • You are forced to eat vegetables and fruits

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This is especially true if you cut your meat into pieces and you skewer them like a kebab. If you add some vegetables and fruits, then you will need to go through them before taking a bite off of your meat. Because of this, you can have a healthy balanced meal with all the nutrients, vitamins and protein that is on one skewer. This is also the best way to get children to eat vegetables since they will need to work through the skewer to get to the meat, and they could eat the vegetables. The vegetables and fruits that you can add to your kebab are tomatoes, pineapples, brussels sprouts, ear of a corn and other non-water-based vegetables., Inc.

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