Grilled Vidalia Onions and Mushrooms

Weekend Grilling and Smoking should be easy, fun and enjoyable.  My last post on Bacon wrapped jalapeno peppers certainly fits that description, and so did these two veggie dishes that we had as  part of our main course.  Smoked, then grilled (I will explain that in a bit) Vidalia Onions and sliced fresh mushrooms.  I’m not typically a huge veggie fan, but I will take these any day of the week.

First the Vidalia onions.  There were only four of us so I used three large Vidalia onions which turned out to be just the right amount.  This is a recipe that came from my buddy Daryl who was my neighbor when we both had camping trailers on seasonal sites on a campground up north.  I, at some point in the future, will also share a few other recipes from Daryl, including a killer recipe for a Gin and Tonic with a special ingredient that makes it the perfect summertime cocktail.

Slice the ends off and peel away the outer skin.  Carve out a little area on the top of the onion as to make a small pocket.

DSC00029Next, simply add a healthy tab of butter.



Now add a few simple seasonings.  Over the  years I have tried many variations of seasonings so this is really up to you; most of the time we settle for just salt and pepper.



I then add just a small amount of parmesan cheese and wrap up the onion in foil.





On this particular occasion I put the onions on my smoker/grill while I was smoking the bacon wrapped jalapeno peppers we had as an appetizer.  I had them on for roughly 1.5 hours at 225°, then when I put the porterhouse steaks on I cranked up the temp to 475° and continued to grill them during the time I grilled the steaks.  So these were both smoked AND grilled.  To be honest they were neither better or worse when I’ve just smoked them, or I’ve just grilled them.  That’s what I love about this recipe, so simple and you can’t help but get it right every time.

When I took them off the grill I then put some extra parmesan cheese on which melted into the butter and onion that was just falling apart in the foil.  It becomes very tender and slightly brown from the grilling session.

Normally you would see a picture here, however, I was way too hungry and forgot about taking one before being served.  #FAIL

We also had some mushrooms that we purchased fresh, then sliced.  Added into a foil packet some butter and again a few simple seasonings.



The secret ingredient with this recipe is using a packet of Zesty Italian salad dressing.  (This also makes  a great chip dip when you add it to cream cheese).



I smoked/grilled it along with the Vidalia onions as above with the results looking a little like this:





Two simple veggie recipes that are very tasty and will allow you to be adventurous to try a few different seasonings each time you prepare them.

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