Grilled Cheese Corn on the Cob

Corn on the cob is a summertime favorite and this time of year (late August) it’s plentiful here in Wisconsin.  While there are a number of ways to cook corn on the cob, grilling has to be by far the best way to enjoy this veggie!  Continue to read to see how to take an ordinary go-with veggie to what may end up to be the main attraction at dinner!

Traditionally my family for generations would soak fresh corn on the cob after the silk was removed in a bucket or cooler of cold water with salt added.  Lately I’ve been reading how if the corn is fresh, no salt is needed, further, no soaking is needed!  Blasphemy I think.  It’s hard to break tradition so I continue to be old school and soak and salt it; perhaps I’m just trying to keep yet another family tradition from dying off.  I have grilled corn without soaking it in salt water and it was great, I just won’t admit that in public if you ask me.  This recipe which my family originally came across was from Paula Dean, is very good and just begs to be improved upon to make it your own.  It’s also known as “Mexican Corn”.

This simple quick recipe starts with the removal of the husk and silk from each cob of corn.  Wash the cobs in cold water and pat dry.

Removing the husk and silk of corn on the cob Cleaned corn on the cob


Next, place the washed cob of corn on some heavy aluminum foil and smear on a healthy (or unhealthy amount for you dieters) of mayonnaise and fresh shredded parmesan cheese.  We were fresh out of the shredded so we used our old stand-by of parmesan cheese from the bottle.  We also tried using regular butter and while it was good, it wasn’t as good as those with the mayo.

Mayonnase added to the corn on the cobParmesan cheese added to the corn on the cob


This next step is where you can be creative by using the spices that you enjoy and not just what whomever is prepping this meal.  What a great way to get the kids involved with cooking by having them add the spices that they want instead of just what they get.  Traditionally it’s salt/pepper and chile powder.  I of course add MY RUB and have also used garlic salt or any number of other spices already in your spice cabinet.

Adding Chili Powder to corn on the cob


Simply wrap up the well seasoned corn on the cob with the foil and place on your grill.  Corn is very forgiving on the grill, it’s hard to wreck it.  Keep in mind however that you don’t want the corn to be charred or even burnt as some folks like it when grilled traditionally.  By using the mayonnaise and certain spices, you could quickly detract from the desired taste by leaving it on the grill too long.  At lower temps you leave it on a bit longer and at higher temps it only takes about 15 minutes.  Depending on other items, if any that are grilling along with the corn you can adjust the time and temp fairly easily.  You wouldn’t think it would be done in just 15-20 minutes, but using the method described above it does with no soaking or salting in husks needed.

Cheese Corn on the Cob

Grilled Cheese Corn on the Cob is a great go-with for any summertime meal.  This recipe allows you to be as creative as your taste buds would like.  The preparation is so versatile that it can be made ahead at home, wrapped up in foil and placed in a cooler for later grilling at a park, tailgate or campground.

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