Best tips for cooking on a gas BBQSummer is finally coming back or has it been here for a long time? Gourmets immediately think of one thing: barbecue.

But why should it always be the classic charcoal barbecue? A gas barbecue is a very good alternative, runs hot quickly and the food can be laid on for several hours.
However, when using a gas barbecue, especially beginners should pay attention to a few things.

Choosing the right gas

The gas does not usually play a major role. It becomes important if you plan to operate the gas barbecue in winter as well. Most gas barbecues are classically operated with propane or butane gas. What in the end makes no difference when barbecuing, however, is decisive in winter: Butane gas liquefies already at just below -40C degrees so that it can no longer be used, whereas propane gas only liquefies at about -40 degrees. The latter can, therefore, withstand even the most stubborn winter times.

Imported goods – what do you have to pay attention to?

If you want to import a gas barbecue from abroad, you should pay attention to the specifications and connections of the respective model. Depending on the model, you may need to add special accessories to your gas barbecue in order to put it into operation. Although this is not a major problem, as you can quickly find out about it on the Internet, these additional costs would of course not have to be incurred when purchasing. Before buying, you should, therefore, find out more about the desired model.

The right preparation

First, clean the grill grate thoroughly if you have already grilled with it. Only then connect the gas cylinder. Make sure that the gas bottles have a left-hand thread. This means that the thread must be turned in the opposite direction to the water connection. Get the grilled meat and the necessary accessories ready before you now continue.

The gas flame can be ignited in two different ways

For example, a gas grill can have a so-called piezo igniter, usually a red push button. In this case, you first open the gas cylinder. You will hear a distinct hissing sound and the gas cylinder is now open. Now press the piezo igniter, perhaps once or three times. The gas flame now ignites.

If you have a gas barbecue without a piezo igniter, you must open the gas bottle and then ignite the flame yourself with a wand lighter. Do not be frightened by the resulting deflagration, which is harmless.

It is important that you never open the gas bottle, close the lid of the grill, lift it off after a few minutes, and ignite the flame immediately! This can be very dangerous!

If the flame is lit, close the lid of the gas barbecue and wait a few minutes. Now the gas barbecue has reached its temperature, bacteria have died and barbecuing can begin. When the food is ready to grill, turn the gas off properly and store the barbecue with the gas bottle properly.