Frogmats available at Weekend Grilling


Have you grilled an item to only have it fall down between the grates on your grill?  Frustrating to say the least.  I’ve been using Frogmats for years now and absolutely love them!  They are great for any delicate meat, fish or vegetables.  I also use them when I smoke cashews, almonds, pecans and every fall – pumpkin seeds.  Easy to use easy to clean, once you start using them you won’t want to grill or smoke without them!  See the sizes and price below.  Pick up (North Prairie, WI), delivery to a mutually convenient place and time (Waukesha or Milwaukee county), or I can ship right to your door.  I’m still working on shipping prices which varies with the sizes listed below so please call 262-939-0913, or better yet email me at to get shipping costs.  Click on over to the manufacturer’s website here for further information on the Frogmat.


Weekend Grilling Magnet v2

Part#     Size                      Cost

A             10″ x 13″             $7.99

B             10″ x 26″            $15.99

C             26″ x 26″            $39.99

D            9″ x 9″                 $4.99

E             19″ x 15″             $16.99

F             19″ x 19″             $21.99

G            19″ x 22″             $24.99

H            19″ x 24″             $27.99

I              19″ x 30″             $34.99

J              19″ x 34″             $39.99

Frogmat Weekend Grilling

Weekend Grilling Frogmat

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