Father’s Day Gifts 2016

Father’s Day Gifts

As a father of four and a step father of two more I know a thing or six about Father’s Day Gifts.  Dad’s don’t want ties, they don’t want wallets or golf related items (these are personal items they like to buy themselves) they want two things, grilling items (tools, fuel, meats, etc.) and beer.  Sure, the hand-made items that are either made in art class or one that mom helps them make when younger is fine, I’m talking about older kid’s Father’s Day gifts!

Here’s a few ideas for those that need a little help 🙂


What’s better than buying dad some good quality meat.  The great thing is, they will even grill it for you!  And, if you happen to not live near your dad, you can ship it right to their door!  Love the steaks from Omaha – you should see my stock pile in the basement freezer (you know, for when the zombies start to take over the world).

Here’s a link for a special Father’s Day special that Omaha Steaks is running:

4 Burgers & 4 Gourmet Franks + $4.99 Shipping on $59 or more!

Father's Day Gifts


Give your dad a WEDGIE!  With the Smoking Wedgie, you can give dad the ability to smoke meats using any conventional grill into a smoker.  A great smoke box that you tuck away in the back of the grill and will add smoke flavor to any grill item.

Cold Smoking Cheese with the Wedgie Cold Smoking Cheese with the Wedgie


Cold Smoking Cheese with the Wedgie

Any product that Thermoworks makes Dad will LOVE!  I have all of the products shown below and have actually bought a number of these items for family members myself.  Thermopens – the best instant-read digital thermometer out there in my opinion!  I love the Chef Alarm and the ThermaQ I use almost every time I use my grill or smoker.  One channel keeps me up to date on the meat I’m cooking and the other keeps me informed on my grill temp as I can’t rely on what the grill’s gauge reads.

Father's Day Gifts

Just a few ideas that come to mind.

Oh, and if your dad has a pellet grill, well, I am a local distributor for Lumber Jack brand wood BBQ pellets!  Sorry for the shameless plug (I have a few dozen Wedgie’s too).

If all else fails, well, get dad a set of cornhole boards and play Bags with dad!  I know that’s what my family will be doing this upcoming Father’s Day!

Father's Day Gifts

I hope dad’s around and that you will be able to spend some time with him!  For all the Fathers, Grand Fathers, Great Grand Fathers, God Fathers, Step Fathers, Foster Fathers and Honorary Fathers – HAPPY FATHERS DAY!

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