Enjoy your Labor Day Weekend!

Happy Labor Day Weekend (Grilling)!

From the Weekend Grilling family to you, your family and friends,  enjoy your Labor Day Weekend!  I hope that you will be able to enjoy some great quality time in the backyard next to your grill or smoker with beverage in hand!  I know that’s the plan for me and mine!  We always enjoy this weekend here in Wisconsin; we all know the weather only gets worse from this point forward for the next six months!  The only good thing is that Football will be back soon and smoked chicken wings will be a weekly menu item.

Weekend Grilling Labor Day

It’s been a busy summer for us, sorry for the lack of new posts and recipes but we hope to be back in the swing of things soon.  More easy backyard grilling and smoking recipes will be coming your way soon.   Your next day off might not be till Thanksgiving so enjoy your Labor Day weekend!  This weekend I hope to do the trifecta of smoking.  Pulled Pork, Beef Brisket and Baby Back Ribs!  Probably through some pork belly and Omaha Steaks in there too somewhere as well.  Let me know What you Smoking!  Share your pictures on the Weekend Grilling Facebook Page!


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