Cooking Mistakes

Seasoning, rubs and sauces are great ways to give your own special flavor and flare to anything you’re grilling. A little salt can bring out a little extra flavor and some specially-prepared rubs can really give your food a unique flavor. However, it’s not uncommon for us to go a little overboard with some of our ingredients!

From master grillers to first-time cookers, no one is immune to make a small mistake here or there on the grill and the kitchen! How many times have you grilled something a little too spicy or a little salty? Thankfully, Shari’s Berries has you covered with a list of handy tips for all sorts of cooking mistakes. For example, you can squeeze lemon or lime juice to fix a dish with too much salt. Take a look at all of their tips so you can keep them in your back pocket the next time you hit the grill.

how to fix baking cooking mistakes

Graphic provided by Shari’s Berries 

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