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Guest Post: Cold Smoking Cheese

Cold Smoking Cheese
John Thomas for

Typical barbecue smoking involves heat, with the most common temperatures ranging from 225 to 250 degrees Fahrenheit. Foods such as ribs, pork shoulders, and beef brisket are cooked at these temperatures for extended amounts of time. The resulting food is extremely tender with a touch of smoky flavor.

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Cold Smoking Cheese

Cold Smoking Cheese – Cold Smoking Cheese with the Wedgie

I’m not sure exactly why I waited so long to try cold smoking cheese but I finally got around to it this past weekend and am very glad that I did.  It’s very easy, doesn’t take too long and I was very happy with the results –

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Smoked Prime Rib for Christmas Eve

Smoked Prime Rib – a Delicious Christmas Eve Tradition!

Christmas is about two weeks away and I feel like a kid once again waiting for Christmas Eve to get here!  Certainly not quite as much fun as Christmas Day, when both my brothers, kids and grand kids are here, but on Christmas Eve when it’s just my wife and I –

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Spatchcock Chicken

What is Spatchcock?  Until maybe three years ago I’ve never heard of this word but now I love preparing my smoked chicken using this method and I will ONLY use this method when smoking a turkey!  Here is some Wiki Info of spatchcock.  I’ve done a few turkeys using this butterflying technique and found that it works beautifully on chicken as well.  

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Smoked Italian Beef

I took one of our favorite camping meals traditionally prepared in a crock pot and kicked it up a notch by smoking it; I may never use the crock pot again!  Read on for one of the easiest recipes to prepare resulting in the most flavorful Italian Beef you have ever made.

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