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Grilling & Cornhole

Grilling & Cornhole

For decades when my family and I would get together – regardless what time of year (yes, we played cornhole in the middle of our Wisconsin winters), regardless of the event (birthday, tailgate, that boring time between the church ceremony and the wedding reception, or just any given Saturday or Sunday) we would probably be doing three things:  Grilling our favorite meats,

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Uuni Pellet Oven

The Uuni Pellet Oven
Weekend Grilling Uuni Pellet Oven

Love the taste of wood-fired pizza but don’t want to go out to a pizza parlor?  The Uuni Pellet Oven is your answer! I’ve been looking for a pizza oven for years but didn’t want to spend $400 – $500 or more for one.  

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Review: BBQ Gloves by Ankway

It’s no secret that I love grilling tools.  Any tool that helps me prepare the best BBQ for my family and friends is well worth whatever the cost is.  In this case the cost was minimal for a good quality set of BBQ Gloves!

I use two sets of gloves,

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Review: Meat Claws by Ankway

A few weeks back I smoked six pork shoulders for a Customer Appreciation party for a local company.  I thought this would be a great opportunity to try out a new set of Meat Claws that I purchased through AMAZON earlier – Feel free to check them out HERE

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Fried Cajun Shrimp ala Mangia.TV

I usually don’t run out of space on my smoker, but with family coming over for “Sunday Family Dinner” night recently, that’s exactly what happened.  I wanted to serve up a delicious, light and easy to prepare appetizer while the rest of the dinner was smoking away so I brought out the old deep fryer to make some quick yet delicious shrimp using my favorite dry rub from Mangia.TV!  

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