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Weekend Grilling Beer Can Chicken



What says “grill master” more than grilling a whole chicken sitting on top of a can of beer that is infusing flavor and moisture into your bird?

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Get Grilling: How To Make The Perfect Hot Dog

Hot Dog!

BBQ season is fast approaching, and that means you have to start thinking about some of the things you can grill. Near the top of everyone’s BBQ menu is the hot dog. Great hot dogs are tasty, but the perfect hot dog is so good it even converts the biggest burger lovers out there.

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Grill Skills: How You Can BBQ Like A Pro

Grill Skills

Grilling and smoking are part of our family dynamic. I have mentioned before how you can’t get through the week without someone asking you what you are grilling or smoking at the weekend. But, for some people, the grill or BBQ is an alien place to be. I wouldn’t know how to avoid our grill having gotten many years of experience with this cooking process.

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Guest Post: These Delicious Smoothie Recipes Are What You Need to Enjoy Healthy, Glowing Skin All Day Long!

Many women believe that the secret to healthy glowing skin lies in their makeup bag and bedroom drawer. But the truth of the matter is, how your skin looks is more about what you put in your mouth rather than what you apply on your skin.

If you are picky about the skin care products that you use,

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Guest Post: Games That Encourage Family Bonding Time

Family Bonding


In our busy lives, it is difficult to make time just to eat dinner as a family, let alone spend extra time with family bonding activities, but the benefits of family bonding time are undeniable. Instead of parking in front of the TV in the evening,

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