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Guest Post: Camp Hot Dogs

3 Quick and Delicious Camp Hot Dogs Recipes

Hot dogs are a common staple food for camping. They are easy to cook over a fire or on the grill and do not require much planning or preparing ahead of time.

But, what if you are a camping enthusiast and are bored from the same simple hot-dog and bun combo?

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Guest Post: How to Make Beef Jerky on a Gas Smoker

Beef Jerky Pic
How to Make Beef Jerky on a Gas Smoker

Some people opt to make their beef jerky in the oven and food dehydrators. While this is not a bad thing, few of us wants to savor authentic and smoking-hot jerkies. This is the reason why investing on a gas smoker is actually a reasonable thing,

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Guest Post: Health Benefits of Coffee

Drink Up – The Wonderful Health Benefits Hidden in Your Cup of Coffee


Coffee can not only get you up and going in the morning; it can also help improve your health.  Don’t feel guilty about enjoying a cup, or even two or three because coffee has some amazing benefits besides waking you up with some caffeine. 

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Guest Post: Great Grilling Traditions From Around the World

Grilling Traditions

There’s nothing that beats a good barbecue. But what if you are travelling in another country? The good news is that grilling is popular all over the world. Here are some great grilling recipes to experience or try in your own home.

United States of America,

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Guest Post: How Long To Smoke Salmon

How Long To Smoke Salmon – The Only Guide You Need to Know

Salmon is always one of the most attracted seafood of all times. Among various recipes around the world, I am particularly into smoked salmon, which is not too complicated to make but is super good.

But a lot of you might struggle with one thing like me for the first time: how long to smoke salmon.

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