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Guest Post: How to cook a Hanger Steak

The Best Steak You’ve Never Tried

Is it possible for a cut of meat to be trendy? There’s only so many parts of a cow, yet somehow every few years it seems a new piece of meat finds the spotlight. Lately, it’s been hanger steak.

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Guest Post: 5 Essential Backyard BBQ Party Ideas

5 Essential Backyard BBQ Party Ideas


Throwing a BBQ party is a great way to spend some quality time with friends and family. You don’t have to wait for a special occasion to throw a BBQ party but you can simply take out some time from your busy schedule and arrange a small get together and have fun.

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Cooking Mistakes

Seasoning, rubs and sauces are great ways to give your own special flavor and flare to anything you’re grilling. A little salt can bring out a little extra flavor and some specially-prepared rubs can really give your food a unique flavor. However, it’s not uncommon for us to go a little overboard with some of our ingredients!

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How to Throw A Killer BBQ Blast

How To Throw A Killer BBQ Blast

Who does not like BBQ parties? The last BBQ party that I was invited to though, gave me nothing but disappointment. Not that the food was not great, it was simply because the party could have been organized a whole lot better than it actually was.

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Guest Post: Camping and Grilling: What You Need to Know

Camping and Grilling: What You Need to Know

While some enjoy exploring big cities or visiting beautiful islands and beaches, others prefer to go camping when it’s vacation time. Just like any other type of vacation, camping is the opportunity to take things slower and simply enjoy your surroundings with the people who came along with you.

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