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Guest Post: Camping and Grilling: What You Need to Know

Camping and Grilling: What You Need to Know

While some enjoy exploring big cities or visiting beautiful islands and beaches, others prefer to go camping when it’s vacation time. Just like any other type of vacation, camping is the opportunity to take things slower and simply enjoy your surroundings with the people who came along with you.

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Uuni Pellet Oven

The Uuni Pellet Oven
Weekend Grilling Uuni Pellet Oven

Love the taste of wood-fired pizza but don’t want to go out to a pizza parlor?  The Uuni Pellet Oven is your answer! I’ve been looking for a pizza oven for years but didn’t want to spend $400 – $500 or more for one.  

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Whole Pig and Chickens Rotisserie

Roasting on a rotisserie, it’s the best of both worlds combined; a little bit of smoking a little bit of grilling and a whole lot of taste!  This weekend we went to my daughter and son in law’s home for what I believe will be an annual tradition.  Not a birthday party,

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