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Guest Post: 8 Reasons Why You Should Grill More

8 Reasons Why You Should Grill More


Even the simplest recipe can be complicated if you are going for the healthy route. There are different studies that prove that there are different ways to cook your meal that is healthier and better for you.

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7 Tricks for Grilling Chicken

7 Tricks for Chicken

7 Tricks for Grilling Chicken

Those that aren’t confident behind a barbecue may be anxious about grilling chicken – it’s the one meat that you can’t afford to undercook. However, a barbecue without chicken is a sad affair. Here are 7 tricks for grilling chicken to perfection.

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Let’s get this Party (2018) started!

Greetings fellow grilling and smoking enthusiasts!

Yes, yes, I’m still alive.  I so apologize for not posting as often as one should but between the day job, my home-based bookkeeping business and the weather, I have not been able to do much grilling or smoking much less post new cooks or recipes too often! 

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Guest Post: How to choose a grill

How to choose a grill

Weekend Grilling

The days are getting longer and we are halfway through the month of January which means more and more folks are thinking about grills and grilling.  While a number of us grill out on at least a weekly basis all year round,

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Weekend Grilling 2018 Challenge

Join us here at Weekend Grilling for the Weekend Grilling 2018 Challenge! Grill or smoke 18 new items in 2018!