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Jalapeno Beer Brats

It’s National Bratwurst Day!  How will you celebrate?

Brats are pretty awesome on their own, grill ’em up, add your favorite toppings and enjoy these delicious German sausages.   Brats, bathed in a butter, onion, jalapenos and of course beer are one of our favorite ways to serve them up.  My Jalapeno beer brats recipe below is one of our traditional camping meals,

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Cowboy Steaks a Huge Trend this year

If you are like me, you probably follow several pages on Facebook (hopefully you have “Liked” mine on Facebook – over 7,000 others have!) and have seen Cowboy Steaks being featured.  The huge cuts of beef are nothing less than awesome to look at.  Unless you’re a vegetarian who wouldn’t love cowboy steaks?

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Shish KaBobs – Meals on a stick!

Shish Kabobs are a perfect summertime meal in my opinion.  They are fairly fast and easy to prepare, easy to grill and provide a variety of food combinations to satisfy any picky eater sitting at your dinner table!   Don’t over-think shish kabobs, follow a few of my tips below and you will enjoy a quick delicious summertime meal on a stick! 

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Guest Post: Camping and Grilling: What You Need to Know

Camping and Grilling: What You Need to Know

While some enjoy exploring big cities or visiting beautiful islands and beaches, others prefer to go camping when it’s vacation time. Just like any other type of vacation, camping is the opportunity to take things slower and simply enjoy your surroundings with the people who came along with you.

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Guest Post: 8 Reasons Why You Should Grill More

8 Reasons Why You Should Grill More


Even the simplest recipe can be complicated if you are going for the healthy route. There are different studies that prove that there are different ways to cook your meal that is healthier and better for you.

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