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Guest Post: How to choose a grill

How to choose a grill

Weekend Grilling

The days are getting longer and we are halfway through the month of January which means more and more folks are thinking about grills and grilling.  While a number of us grill out on at least a weekly basis all year round,

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Weekend Grilling 2018 Challenge

Join us here at Weekend Grilling for the Weekend Grilling 2018 Challenge! Grill or smoke 18 new items in 2018!

Review: Jalapeno Pepper Rack by Cave Tools

Quality Must-Have Tool

I’ve been using my Jalapeno Pepper Rack for about six months now and am finally getting a chance to write a review on this awesome tool!  From the point that you open up the box you will notice right away the quality of this pepper rack.  Very well packaged to prevent any damage either in shipping,

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Guest Post: How people grill around the world

We researched 10 of the most popular grilling methods around the globe, as well as what different countries love to grill most. So for your next block party, instead of buying grocery store franks, consider making your own custom recipe to invoke the flavors of Japanese yakitori or Mexican carne asada.

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The Perfect Steak

Weekend Grilling Steak

Being able to successfully cook a steak is a skill that most people aspire to have. Pay attention to these details and you’ll see that it’s not that difficult to pull off.

To begin, you need to understand the basics of the different cuts of beef and how to choose the right one.

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