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SMOKE is on sale!


The smoke that I’m talking about is a two-channel thermometer from Thermoworks.  SMOKE is one of my favorite grilling and smoking tools.  I use mine every weekend.  Whatever I happen to be smoking, I use one probe/channel to watch the internal temperature of the meat and the second probe/channel to watch the ambient temperature of my grill. 

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Review: Pigtail Flipper by Cave Tools

Looking for a fast way to flip the meat on your grill? Then I have the tool for you – a Pigtail Flipper!  I recently received another great tool from the folks over at Cave Tools.  This time they sent me the Pigtail Flipper (see below on how to purchase and a discount code to use as well). 

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Let’s get this Party (2018) started!

Greetings fellow grilling and smoking enthusiasts!

Yes, yes, I’m still alive.  I so apologize for not posting as often as one should but between the day job, my home-based bookkeeping business and the weather, I have not been able to do much grilling or smoking much less post new cooks or recipes too often! 

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ThermoWorks Sale!

Everyone loves a sale!

Just a quick post to let you know there is a great sale going on right now at ThermoWorks!  ThermoWorks manufactures quality products for both the back yard grill and the pitmaster!  I have several instant read thermometers, several of their alarms and timers as well. 

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