Review: 12″ Ergo Chef Brisket Knife

Brisket Knife – Perfect for brisket and so much more!

Received my new Ergo Chef Prodigy Series 12″. Brisket Knife today and can’t wait to use it! Stay tuned for a full review and pictures of it in action!  After hours of searching and reading other review’s of the best brisket knife within my price range (under $50) – this one ranks the best.  I will soon see if I agree or not!

This will be perfect for slicing brisket which has always been a challenge for me.  I can’t cut slices evenly. 12″ is a perfect length and compared to just about all other brisket knives, this is a great value!

I will update this post on a regular basis as I use it on various types of meat, brisket, pork belly etc.  Also perfect for Thanksgiving Turkey, Easter Ham, Christmas Prime Rib.

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