There’s a lot of things going on in the grilling market lately, since the pastime is becoming more and more popular on a daily basis. The smell of sizzling steaks and burgers on a summer evening is reaching more people, and the grilling industry is booming as more and more families flock to hardware stores to buy a grill so they can feed their families and friends.

One of the more important, and sadly neglected, aspects of owning a grill is getting a good cover. A good grill cover can protect your unit from the elements, can make it more difficult to be targeted by thieves, and can ensure that your grill stays safe and in good condition for many years.

In A Hurry? This Is The Best:

SaleBestseller No. 1
VicTsing Grill Cover, 58-Inch Waterproof BBQ Cover, 600D Heavy Duty Gas Grill Cover for weber,Brinkmann, Char Broil, Holland and Jenn Air(UV & Dust & Water Resistant, Weather Resistant, Rip Resistant)
  • Wide Compatibility: Heavy-duty protective grill cover measures: 58-inch x 24-inch x 44-inch. Check your grill's dimensions for proper fit. This gas grill cover fits most brands grill like Char Broil, Kenmore, Brinkmann, Nexgrill, Holland, Jenn Air and so on
  • 600D Heavy-Duty Durable Material: This barbecue grill cover is made of 600D polyester fabric which is weather-resistant and dust-proof. Our grill cover can protect your grill from the elements of forces, such as wind, sand storms, sun and rain etc.
  • Rip Resistant & UV Protection: The VicTsing bbq grill covers have EXTERIOR bound seams and high-density stitching for great water resistance and durability. UV resistant design provides exceptional durability to sunlight
  • Perfectly Fit: There are padded handles and straps to keep grill cover stay in place. The convenient side straps at the bottom can help the cover fit perfectly and prevent the cover from being blown off
  • Easy to Clean: Simply hose with water and the dirt will disappear soon. Dry up the gas grill cover in the sun for next use. Note: Please allow your grill to cool before covering

It can be difficult for someone to choose a barbecue grill cover, especially if they don’t know much about what makes one cover different from the next. We’re here to discuss the benefits of buying different types of grill covers and will take a look at the best ones you can buy today. This means you won’t have to shop around from store-to-store and risk buying a cover uninformed!

Best Rated in Grill Covers in 2020

Veranda BBQ/Grill Cover

Classic Accessories 73902 Veranda Grill Cover, Small
  • THE CLASSIC ACCESSORIES DIFFERENCE: CA Veranda covers have interior bound seams for strength, high-density stitching for durability, padded handles for comfort, matching webbing for a great look and California Prop 65 compliance for health and safety
  • PREMIUM GRILL COVERS: Guaranteed to fit barbecue grills 43.5"L x 17"D x 44"H
  • WEBER GRILL COVER: Perfect for Weber, Charbroil, Jennair, Cuisinart & Napoleon and other propane and natural gas grills
  • BBQ COVERS with WARRANTY: Three-year limited warranty
  • Weber is a registered trademark of Weber-Stephen Products LLC; Classic Accessories is not affiliated or associated with Weber-Stephen Products, LLC or its products in any way

Using the Gardelle Fabric System, this cover provides a water-resistant grill cover that comes in seven different sizes that are practically guaranteed to fit your grill perfectly. It also comes with a custom-fit tightening cord to ensure a snug fit around your grill.

The cover’s built with a bit of additional space that makes it easy to take on or off of your barbecue without getting snagged. It also comes with handles built into the fabric which make it easy to lift off. It’s got air vents built in to prevent the buildup of condensation and mold underneath the cover, which prevents your grill from having its health safety compromised.


  • This grill cover is very affordable
  • The attached drawstring means you can tie it snugly to any grill
  • The handles make it easy to pick up and put down
  • Comes with drawstrings and straps to tie down in windy areas


  • Only comes in a single bland color

Garden Grill Heavy Duty Cover

Garden Home Outdoor Heavy Duty Grill Cover, Small, 52" L, Black
  • Heavy-duty protective grill cover
  • Protective cover for cart-style barbecues up to 52-inch wide
  • Splash-guard skirt, click-close straps for secure placement, adjustable elastic hem cord with toggle
  • Padded handles, helpful air vents, durable interlocking seams, large zippered front pocket

For the price of this cover, you’re getting a better deal than you would probably expect. It’s resistant to the weather, though not entirely waterproof, and made with a material that’s hard to tear. It’s also resistant to heat and flame so you can (if you want) put it back on while the grill is still hot.

There are straps to ensure that you can tie the cover down to avoid it being blown away in rough weather conditions, and there’s also a tightening drawstring that ensures it has a snug fit on any barbecue. It’s also built with air vents to prevent the buildup of condensation and prevent mold from growing.

For convenience, it comes with added pockets to stash your utensils in, and handles for easy removal. This makes it ideal for people who are in a rush.


  • Comes with pockets to store your utensils so you can save space in your kitchen
  • A very affordable cover
  • Has straps to tie it down in bad weather


  • Not the most durable cover available

Char-broil All Season Cover

Char Broil All-Season Grill Cover, 3-4 Burner: Large
  • Designed to fit 3-4 burner gas grills, large charcoal grills and smokers up to 62 inches wide
  • Heavy duty Premium cover features 18mil polyester fabric with a rainwater protective liner
  • Adjustable-fit side straps for a more secure fit
  • Sealed seams for water ressistance and UV protection for fade resistance
  • Measures 62-inches w x 42-inches H x 24-inches D

This grill is designed with convenience in mind. It’s got a polyester outer designed to protect your grill from dust, dirt, mud, and grime, while the inner lining is made from PVC which is one of the best materials for inner linings. PVC is completely waterproof and prevents mold from growing. This is a middle duty cover, so won’t be ideal for people who live in the most extreme conditions, but will be more than enough for an everyday griller in an average climate.

This cover’s quite heavy and only comes in one color – black. Possibly as a result of being made with the only black material, it’s known for retaining heat which can make it a bit tricky to take on or take off. It’s comparably cheap, which makes up for any flaws that the color may provide.


  • This grill cover is very cheap
  • The PVC inner lining is one of the best materials for preventing mold and pest infestations
  • Being heavy means it’s less likely to blow away


  • Being heavy means it’s hard to use
  • Retains too much heat

Homitt Gas Grill Cover

Homitt Gas Grill Cover, 58-inch 3-4 Burner 600D Heavy Duty Waterproof BBQ Cover with Handles and Adjustable Straps for Most Brands of Grill -Black
  • DIMENSIONS: This Homitt bbq cover measures 58"L x 24"W x 44"H, fits most grills with 3 to 4 burners, width between 55 and 58inch. Fits for Weber BBQ grill, along with many other popular brands grill.
  • UPGRADED PREMIUM MATERIAL: Our gas grill covers are made of heavy duty waterproof 600D oxford fabric and PVC layer, prevent your grill from water, snow, sun, dust, and so on, keep your barbeque grill clean like new.
  • FADING RESISTANT: Sun resistant design prevents sun damage. Sun resistant layer protects the grill cover from fading, extends service life. NOTE: Allow the grill to cool before covering.
  • HANDLES AND STRAPS: Handles at two sides of the cover make it easier to fit and remove. It can also be used for hanging and storage. With two widened adjustable nylon sticker, you can tighten the cover securely over the grills, so the wind does not blow it away.
  • DURABLE SEWN: With double sewn for edge and connection, the cover is more durable and rip resistant. (Please check your grill's dimension for proper fit before purchasing).

This is one of the most convenient and well-rounded grill covers that you can buy. It comes with a couple bonuses which aren’t provided by the other contenders:

All this means that you can basically avoid purchasing the entire set of grilling utensils that you’d otherwise have to pay for. The material’s thinner than average making it more flexible than other covers, without compromising the fact that it’s waterproof. There are straps attached to fasten the cover to your grill in heavy winds.


  • Includes an entire set of grilling utensils that can save you money
  • Uses a waterproof fabric while being lightweight and flexible
  • Fits many grills tight and snug
  • Have straps attached to prevent blowing away in the wind


  • The thermometer doesn’t work very good

Best Grill Cover Buyer’s Guide 2020:

Best Grill Cover Buyer’s Guide 2020:What makes a good grill cover?

Barbecue covers are great for people who own grills that are too big to take inside every night, or for people who don’t have a garage to store them in and don’t want a greasy grill sitting in their kitchens. Even the hardiest combo grills will eventually show some wear and tear from being left outside in the weather all day every day, so getting a grill cover is important.

But what makes a quality grill cover? There’s a lot of different things to consider.

What‘re the best Materials for grill cover?

There are a lot of different materials that barbecue covers can be made of, each with their own bonuses and deficits.

  1. Polyester is a good cover for a few reasons. It’s lightweight so it’s easy to put on and take off, and it also dries quickly after being rained on. Polyester covers are very versatile and can be used in all extremes of weather, from the very hot desert heat to the freezing cold Canadian winter.
  2. Vinylbarbecues carry the benefit of being completely and utterly waterproof, which makes them appealing for people living in very rainy climates. They’re a bit heavier than polyester which makes them more difficult to move.
  3. Canvas covers are also used to make boat sails and tents, which is because they’re one of the more heavy-duty materials used in things like this. This means that your canvas cover will last you a long time and can be modified during production to become waterproof and fireproof. This makes canvas a very appealing option.

How about the other Special features?

A good grill cover isn’t going to just be a sheet of fabric that you throw over your barbecue, though these kinds certainly exists. You’ll probably want one with some bonus features to ensure that you make a quality purchase.

  1. Your grill cover should have an ins >The durability is determined by which materials you choose. Heavy covers are more durable and will last longer and also don’t require that you tie them down. Lighter covers are often cheaper but are more likely to rip or tear, and also require that you tie them down to something so they don’t blow away.
  2. Straps are a requirement for people buying light-duty covers who live in windy areas. If the cover doesn’t come with straps then it can be annoying to tie down and may not come with holes for you to tie ropes to.
  3. Air vents are a good addition because they ensure that there won’t be a buildup of condensation under your grill cover. These things can lead to mold or other unpleasantries.
  4. Pockets aren’t a necessary addition but can bring a new level of convenience. You can store grilling accessories in pockets so they’re easily accessible and don’t take up storage space in your house or garage.

How do I take care of a grill cover?

Just like the rest of your grill (and anything else you care about) grill covers require proper maintenance to make sure they don’t fall apart or fall victim to mold or pests.

It’s natural for your cover to accumulate dirt and dust since it’s being outside all the time. If you’re using a non-porous material, then all you have to do is wipe it off to get rid of grime.

It’s going to take a bit more of a scrub to get rid of the soot and smoke stains that make their way onto the underside of the cover, but these should occur far less often because you’re not going to be grilling with your cover on.

Keep in mind that your cover is protecting something that you use to make food for your friends and family. Sanitation is the main priority in the kitchen, and should be when you’re grilling outdoors.

  1. There are sprays made specifically for cleaning and sanitizing grill covers
  2. Make sure if you’re not using grill-specific cleaning products that you don’t use anything that will burn through your grill cover. Also, make sure that you use food-safe products so you don’t risk contaminating the food you’re cooking.

Buying the best grill

If you’re buying a grill you have two basic options – buy them in person or buy them online. Buying a grill cover in person is probably easier because you can physically feel the weight and durability of the cover. While you can’t really test them out, it can be better to at least have a feel of how the cover’s going to fit.

If you go to a good store, too, you can speak with the employees about the quality of different covers. Unfortunately, most general hardware or cookware stores don’t have employees specifically trained in grilling, so they might not be able to buy the best advice.

Buying a grill cover online means that you’re probably going to be buying one from a company that specializes in grill covers, or at least grills. This means they’ll provide better, more accurate information to help you make an informed decision.

We’re here to help sift through the best of both worlds. We’ve reviewed the following grill covers that are available both online and at many retail stores, and decided which ones contain the best mix of features, durability and price. Hopefully, our research can help you make a good choice and helps keep your grill safe for many years to come.

Without further ado, here are the contenders for the best barbecue grill cover.


How long should a grill cover last?

Although it’s recommended to have a cover for your grill, it is not necessary to keep your grill covered 24/7. Just remember to give your grill a good wipe down about once a month, and cover it when necessary. The more you take care of your grill, the longer it can make great meals with you.

How do I choose a grill cover?

Choose a grill cover that is made of thick material. High quality canvas or nylon are the two best options. Also look for a model that has few seams, as they tend to come unsown over time. Some covers come with air vents built into them

Are grill covers waterproof?

The heavy-duty material used in this cover features an Oxford liner that is waterproof to keep your grill safe during any type of storm. This material is also waterproof and resistant to both UV rays and tears.

Are Weber grill covers heat resistant?

It is dust-proof, offers UV-protection, rip resistant and is weather resistant. You can choose from 4 size variants. This grill cover fits grills from popular brands such as Charbroil, Jenn Air, Weber and others. … The heavy duty and durable material renders this grill cover dust-proof and weather resistant.

Is it better to cover a grill or not?

Although it’s recommended to have a cover for your grill, it is not necessary to keep your grill covered 24/7. Just remember to give your grill a good wipe down about once a month, and cover it when necessary. The more you take care of your grill, the longer it can make great meals with you.

Do grill covers prevent rust?

In case of grill grates coated with porcelain, their surface effectively protects from corrosion as long as it’s not damaged. 4# Use a grill cover – Most people keep their grill in the backyard, often without any cover. … The best solution is to keep the grill under a cover every time after you’re done using it.

When should I cover my grill?

Follow this tip: The grill needs to get good and hot before any food is added. After lighting the grillcover it with the lid and let the charcoal heat up for at least 15 minutes. You’ll know it’s ready when it looks gray and ashy.

Which is the best?

Of these grill covers – four of the best that we found – the best one would be the Homitt Grill Cover. It’s easy to use, very light, and contains enough straps to make sure that even this lightweight, waterproof cover won’t’ blow away in the wind. On top of all that it comes with a full set of grilling utensils.
Even if this isn’t the cover for you, hopefully, one of the other ones will suit your needs. We hope you have a good buying experience!