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Grilling products ~ I love anything that helps make my food taste better, don’t you?  On this page (as time allows) I will post pictures and links on how to get some of these tools.  From recipes, rub, gloves, racks, grills, smokers ~ everything that I use myself and will highly recommend to you.  With over 30 years of grilling experience under my belt (or belly may be more appropriate) I know what works and if they work for me they will work for you!

While most of this page involves grills/tools/gadgets, I also wanted to include my favorite mail-order steak supply house.  I’ve been using Omaha Steaks for decades!  They have a great product at a great price.  There are a few mail order steak supply companies that charge an arm and a leg but for the best bang for your buck, Omaha Steaks is the place!, Inc.

Looking for a portable, yet high-tech and quality grill?  Check this one out!



One of my first tools was this Maverick ET-735 bluetooth thermometer.  One of the problems I always seem to have is to forget checking the temp of whatever I’m smoking or grilling till it’s a little too late.  I always seem to pull things 10° higher than I should.  With this thermometer, it connect to my iPhone and will automatically let me know when it hits a certain temperature.  It comes with two probes which is also handy as I usually am smoking two different items at the same time with different target temperatures. Traeger Grills is one of the top pellet grill manufacturers in the county.  Once you own a pellet grill, you just may never go back to charcoal or gas again; I know I haven’t!  These pellet grills are easy to use, efficient and best of all they make it almost impossible to wreck a meal on one!  I used to over-cook everything, but since I got my pellet grill it’s few and far between when I leave something on the grill too long – when I do it’s because I’m busy beer-tending to family and friends!  Set it and forget it mentality, perfect for me or any busy back yard griller!  




One of the best tools that I have purchased is my Thermapen made by Thermoworks.  Incredibly fast and accurate, easy to use easy to clean and I use it while grilling, smoking or even in the oven inside the house. Red Thermo Pen via Weekend Grilling   I also have one of these sweet Chef Alarms!  Works great! Weekend Grilling  I use my Bear Claws every time I make my pulled pork recipe, they are also fun to scare your dog with while he or she is waiting for you to drop a little something for them 🙂


One of my latest gadgets is a keeper!  See my review HERE.  Cheap enough to buy a couple and knock out a dozen stuffed burgers in minutes!

I can’t say enough about the two sets of Grill Grates that I have and use every time I am grilling. &nbspThey make those awesome steak-house searing marks on all of my steaks.  It’s amazing how by just having those Grill Grates markings on my steaks, dogs, brats, veggies, etc will make them all taste better.  Click on the link below to order a set of your own, you will be happy you did!

 Grill Grates

These silicone gloves are awesome!  Whenever you need to physically handle and food item while on the grill, or taking them off a grill you will want a pair of these.  They are heat-resistant to well over 400° but the best part is how easy they are to clean.  I simply put the gloves on and run my hands under hot water in the kitchen sink.  Nice and easy.

As goofy as those old TV commercials were about the “Ove’ Gloves” – I really like them and use them a lot.  Besides the silicone orange gloves (above) I use the Ove’ Gloves for just about everything else.  They are great for turning corn on the cob or taking off wire racks etc from a grill or smoker.  They can be washed but I prefer the silicone gloves above due to the ease of cleaning.  Make sure you buy two gloves, or the 2-pack pictured below as one glove is not enough in most cases.

One of the best grill brushes I have come along is one that I purchased off of AMAZON recently. I’ve done a review on it, so above in the search box search “review” or “brush”. This is an excellent brush!

Save some time when baking, grilling or smoking your potatoes, give these neat little food-grade nails a try.  Note, do not use those spikes that have been sitting on your dirty workbench out in the garage!

A great way to save money is to buy in bulk, we all know that right?  We shop at Sam’s Club, Costo etc.  Why not use the same mentality for equipment?  Certainly if you are a caterer – you already know that, but I’m talking about folks that have a large family like me.  Buy in bulk and get restaurant quality equipment at a huge savings!

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Don’t forget to cover your “BABY” all year long!  Your Green Mountain Grill baby that is.  Covers for both the Jim Bowie grill, like mine, and the popular Daniel Boone grill as well.  Keep your investment protected!


I wanted to expand my Smoking knowledge by using different brands of smokers using different fuels, while I do love my pellet grill, this smoker has some great advantages, mostly price! So affordable, why not jump in with this baby?


Shoppers Choice is a website that I have purchased many items from, below are a few links that will take you to discounted grilling items, check them out when you get a chance!



Click Here to explore!

Love the products from Jacob Bromwell, have you seen their items yet?  No fancy computer controlled smokers here, grilling and smoking the old fashion way only!

Have a big party or event coming up?  This is what you need!  I’ve enjoyed a number of events that featured the Rotisserie BBQ by RTS Enterprises.  This is an extremely well made rotisserie and so easy to use.  Here is a Link to view further information on the Rotisserie BBQ, I will soon post below some pictures of us using this BBQ as well.


Just picked up this sweet fire pit for our side yard; just the right size to get comfy on a cool Wisconsin night with the Mrs.

AZ Patio Heaters 30 inch Wood Burning Firepit With Cooking Grate


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