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Weekend Grilling or better known as – www.WeekendGrilling.com is the result of the need to have a one stop website that has all the family’s favorite recipes, grilling tools, tips, tricks and of course pictures all in one place.  When the family gets together the conversation always turns to grilling or smoking, so we thought why not create a website that has all the best recipes, the best products and a photo gallery to share with the world.  This is a family run blog/website.  It’s my hope that all of my family members will be able to contribute as their time allows.  We are not professional writers or bloggers (as you can probably tell), but we all enjoy grilling and smoking, especially for our friends and families during our short Wisconsin summers – though we all smoke and grill throughout the winter as well.  We can’t help but share with one another, and now you.  A special thank you to my son Matt, and sons-in-law Chris and John for their encouragement to start this website, and to my entire family for their support.  I’m blessed to have such a huge supportive family.

We then took this one step farther by starting to sell some of our favorite items that we use and love!  See the As Seen on WG.com page for links on how to purchase some great items.  With thirty + years of grilling experience I know what I like and what works.  Actually, the aforementioned page is a great reference page to pick up some items for an upcoming Father’s Day, Christmas, Birthday or as in my case, a tool to make my smoking and grilling creations taste better!  Be sure to check out those items – I personally use each and every one of them and I do admit, by using the correct “tools” my grilling and smoking has improved significantly.

Also, we are now a direct distributor of Lumber Jack brand BBQ pellets, Smoking Wedgie and Frogmats™.  Located in North Prairie Wisconsin, I would be happy to deliver items directly to your doorstep anywhere in Milwaukee or Waukesha Counties!  I have used Lumber Jack brand pellets, along with Green Mountain Grills almost exclusively for my pellet smoker.  I’ve tried many other brands but now I’m 100% sold on Lumber Jack pellets.  I was never able to notice the difference in blends before using Lumber Jack, perhaps smoking has given me a more sophisticated palate?

Feel free to email me at Mark@WeekendGrilling.Com if you have any questions or comments.  I can also be reached by phone at 262-939-0913, please leave a detailed voice mail and I will return your call as soon as possible.  I soon will also have the ability to sell these items directly from this blog.  Please hang in there as my “Day Job” comes first and this fun is only permitted as time allows at night and on the weekends.  Enjoy Weekend Grilling!

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Weekend Grilling


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