7 Tricks for Grilling Chicken

7 Tricks for Chicken

7 Tricks for Grilling Chicken

Those that aren’t confident behind a barbecue may be anxious about grilling chicken – it’s the one meat that you can’t afford to undercook. However, a barbecue without chicken is a sad affair. Here are 7 tricks for grilling chicken to perfection.

Pound fillets first

Getting chicken fillets to cook through evenly is no easy task. A trick to make cooking these fillets easier is to spend a few minutes pounding them first. This makes the fillets thinner so that they cook faster.

Butterfly whole chickens

Believe it or not, you can go one step up from fillets and grill whole chickens. The best way to do this is to cut the chicken in half and butterfly it. This can make the chicken both easier to cook and easier to carve afterward.

Use a thermometer

If you want to make sure your chicken is cooked all the way through, it could be worth getting a thermometer. This can help to take away the guesswork – a perfectly cooked chicken should 165 degrees Fahrenheit. By shopping around for the best-infrared thermometer, you can get a more accurate reading. If you’re using a thermometer to stab the meat, make sure that you don’t touch the bone as this will throw your reading off.

Cook on medium heat

Unlike steaks and burgers, chicken cooks better on a medium heat rather than a high heat. If you’ve got a gas or an electric barbecue, you can easily adjust the heat accordingly. However, when it comes to coal barbecues, you may want to leave the chicken until after you’ve cooked everything else (this might also avoid cross-contamination). Alternatively, you could designate half the barbecue to cooking chicken and place fewer coals beneath this part of the grill.

Drizzle chicken in lemon and oregano

When it comes to seasoning, a simple marinating method is to use lemon and oregano. Whisk lemon zest and lemon juice with oregano, salt, oil and pepper to create the marinade, then put it in a bag with the raw chicken for thirty minutes before putting on the grill. This will create a juicy and zesty flavor. You can even grill half a lemon to serve with the chicken, which can be drizzled over the top.

Marinate with lemonade

You can also create a marinade using lemonade. This can be particularly effective when mixed with garlic, oil, horseradish and soy sauce. Leave the chicken in a marinade overnight so that all the flavors can sink into the meat.

Marinate with beer

Another effective marinade ingredient is beer. This isn’t just a case of pouring your beer over the barbecue though. Beer works best when in combination with other flavors such as cumin, paprika and cayenne, or with garlic and butter. Place the mixture in a bag with your chicken for thirty minutes beforehand and then grill through thoroughly.


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