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Cowboy Steaks a Huge Trend this year

If you are like me, you probably follow several pages on Facebook (hopefully you have “Liked” mine on Facebook – over 7,000 others have!) and have seen Cowboy Steaks being featured.  The huge cuts of beef are nothing less than awesome to look at.  Unless you’re a vegetarian who wouldn’t love cowboy steaks?

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How to Throw A Killer BBQ Blast

How To Throw A Killer BBQ Blast

Who does not like BBQ parties? The last BBQ party that I was invited to though, gave me nothing but disappointment. Not that the food was not great, it was simply because the party could have been organized a whole lot better than it actually was.

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SMOKE is on sale!


The smoke that I’m talking about is a two-channel thermometer from Thermoworks.  SMOKE is one of my favorite grilling and smoking tools.  I use mine every weekend.  Whatever I happen to be smoking, I use one probe/channel to watch the internal temperature of the meat and the second probe/channel to watch the ambient temperature of my grill. 

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Shish KaBobs – Meals on a stick!

Shish Kabobs are a perfect summertime meal in my opinion.  They are fairly fast and easy to prepare, easy to grill and provide a variety of food combinations to satisfy any picky eater sitting at your dinner table!   Don’t over-think shish kabobs, follow a few of my tips below and you will enjoy a quick delicious summertime meal on a stick! 

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