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Guest Post: Is Beef Jerky Good For You?

Is Beef Jerky Good for You?
Weekend Grilling Jerky

I love spending time in the outdoors and it is a great way to reboot my mind and body from the routine of daily life. If there is one thing that I always take with me when I am in the lap of nature,

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Guest Post: Camp Hot Dogs

3 Quick and Delicious Camp Hot Dogs Recipes

Hot dogs are a common staple food for camping. They are easy to cook over a fire or on the grill and do not require much planning or preparing ahead of time.

But, what if you are a camping enthusiast and are bored from the same simple hot-dog and bun combo?

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ThermoWorks Sale!

Everyone loves a sale!

Just a quick post to let you know there is a great sale going on right now at ThermoWorks!  ThermoWorks manufactures quality products for both the back yard grill and the pitmaster!  I have several instant read thermometers, several of their alarms and timers as well. 

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Guest Post: How to Make Beef Jerky on a Gas Smoker

Beef Jerky Pic
How to Make Beef Jerky on a Gas Smoker

Some people opt to make their beef jerky in the oven and food dehydrators. While this is not a bad thing, few of us wants to savor authentic and smoking-hot jerkies. This is the reason why investing on a gas smoker is actually a reasonable thing,

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Guest Post: Health Benefits of Coffee

Drink Up – The Wonderful Health Benefits Hidden in Your Cup of Coffee


Coffee can not only get you up and going in the morning; it can also help improve your health.  Don’t feel guilty about enjoying a cup, or even two or three because coffee has some amazing benefits besides waking you up with some caffeine. 

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