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Guest Post: How to Store Coffee

Best Practices For Storing Coffee

Coffee is big business in the United States, where 50% of the population, an equivalent of 150 million Americans, drink an average of 3 cups of coffee a day. As a result, coffee shops are raking in millions from this culture,

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Guest Post: Why Does a Healthy Thanksgiving Turkey Make You Tired and Sleepy?

Weekend Grilling

Are you wondering why you keep going straight to bed after Thanksgiving dinner? You probably leave your siblings, cousins and other family members having a good time in the living room. I also know that you keep blaming that turkey! Although I don’t entirely agree with you,

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3 Mind-Blowing Benefits Of Grilling Your Food

I don’t need much of an excuse to fire up the grill and cook some food. For me, it’s the best way to cook your meals, and you should try and use it as often as possible. However, for whatever reason, some people are put off grilling as they think it’s bad.

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Review: Jalapeno Pepper Rack by Cave Tools

Quality Must-Have Tool

I’ve been using my Jalapeno Pepper Rack for about six months now and am finally getting a chance to write a review on this awesome tool!  From the point that you open up the box you will notice right away the quality of this pepper rack.  Very well packaged to prevent any damage either in shipping,

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Guest Post: The Health Benefits Of Coffee

Health Benefits of Coffee

That morning cup of coffee which so many of us can’t do without may be doing more than just jump-starting our day. Coffee contains over 1,000 compounds which can affect your body in different ways, and research suggests it can have a positive result on your health.

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