Monthly Archives: November 2015

Fried Cajun Shrimp ala Mangia.TV

I usually don’t run out of space on my smoker, but with family coming over for “Sunday Family Dinner” night recently, that’s exactly what happened.  I wanted to serve up a delicious, light and easy to prepare appetizer while the rest of the dinner was smoking away so I brought out the old deep fryer to make some quick yet delicious shrimp using my favorite dry rub from Mangia.TV!  

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Spatchcock Chicken

What is Spatchcock?  Until maybe three years ago I’ve never heard of this word but now I love preparing my smoked chicken using this method and I will ONLY use this method when smoking a turkey!  Here is some Wiki Info of spatchcock.  I’ve done a few turkeys using this butterflying technique and found that it works beautifully on chicken as well.  

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Review: 3-Wire Grill Brush by Ankway

Regardless of how much you use your grill, or even what type of grill you may have, getting the rack clean is vital and sometimes a challenge.  I recently purchased a new grill brush and was so happy with it hat I had to give it a product review here on Weekend Grilling.

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