Monthly Archives: September 2015

Smoked Italian Beef

I took one of our favorite camping meals traditionally prepared in a crock pot and kicked it up a notch by smoking it; I may never use the crock pot again!  Read on for one of the easiest recipes to prepare resulting in the most flavorful Italian Beef you have ever made.

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Smoked Meat Balls in Red Sauce

Looking for an easy recipe that will please everyone?  Here’s a quick recipe for meatballs that will be perfect for your Sunday Family Dinner that you may grill or smoke for some added flavor if you like and served with your favorite starch.  Easy, Quick, Delicious – just what WeekendGrilling is all about!

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Pulled Pork Sundaes

Pulled Pork SundaesPulled Pork Sundaes

The Weekend Grilling Crew recently visited Washington Island Wisconsin, an Island just off the tip of the Door County Peninsula where there was a KCBS sanctioned BBQ Competition [..Read my Event Blog here..] which inspired me to make Pulled Pork Sundaes!  

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Event: 4th Annual Deaths Door Barbacue

Door County is one of God’s gifts to Wisconsin in my opinion.  While “DC” is a yearly destination for my wife and I, this year was a little more enjoyable as there happened to be a KCBS sanctioned BBQ Competition on Washington Island which my wife, brother and sister-in-law attended on Saturday,

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