Monthly Archives: May 2015

Smoked Beer Can Burgers

Remember the “ice bucket challenge” phenomenon a year or so ago? You couldn’t be online more than 5 minutes without someone posting their own ice bucket challenge. The same thing seems to be happening now with the making of “beer can burgers”.  I never did do the ice bucket challenge,

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Flatbread Pizza

Looking for a quick simple and delicious meal to grill?  Here’s your answer!  Individual Flatbread Pizzas?!  Everyone makes their own the way they like it, ten minutes on the grill and you are done; a great summer time treat for those busy fun-filled weekends.  Start off by using some flat bread or pita bread.  

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Review: Smarter Starter Fluid

One of the reasons I tend to use my pellet grill is the ease of starting it up quickly and flavor.  While I still use my trusty Weber kettle grill, and always will, sometimes it’s a fight to get the charcoal started quickly, so I use extra starter fluid which then leaves an odor on the food.  

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Kick off to Summer Grilling!

We are only a week away from one of the most sacred of holidays for those who love to grill and smoke in their back yards; Memorial Day, the kick-off to summer grilling!

First, let me say that this holiday means much more to me, than grilling.  

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Restaurant Review ~ Louisiana Charlie’s

As the number of recent blog posts, or better I should say lack thereof, will tell you, I have a day job, along with another home based bookkeeping business – yeah I know how to have fun don’t I?  In any event I was required to travel to Long Beach California for required meetings along with an industry trade show. 

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