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Review: Grilled Shrimp MoJo Dry Rub by Mangia

I’m a fan of dry rubs and love to try as many as I can when I’m not using my own “Soon to be Famous Weekend Grilling Dry Rub” and have found one that I can’t stop talking about.  Last weekend I made some shrimp for appetizers and used the Cajun Shrimp Mojo Dry Rub by  Mangia.Tv

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Smoked Corned Beef Brisket

Corned Beef – A smoked version that is as delicious as it is EASY to prepare!

St.Patrick’s Day is over and that means only one thing, corned beef brisket will be on sale!  It’s a great time of year to stock up on these babies to enjoy all year long,

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Smoked Pork Shots

So the brisket just went into the cooler to rest, your guests are arriving shortly, you should probably have a quick and easy, yet delicious smoked appetizer to “wet their appetite” for more smoked goodies to come, but what you ask?  Pork Shots!  Quick and easy, very little prep time and a very powerful taste,

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Beef Jerky, an introduction

Who doesn’t love beef jerky?  It’s lean, has a long shelf life, marinate in as little as three hours (over night is best) and can be made to taste in hundreds of ways with various sauces and spices as you like.  Most of all of course, it goes great with beer!  

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