Monthly Archives: February 2015

Poor Man’s Burnt Ends

One of my very favorite restaurants in Milwaukee is a place called Smoke Shack.  For living “up north” here in Wisconsin, we have quite a few BBQ places I’m happy to say, but Smoke Shack is by far the very best.  On one particular evening my favorite bartender there stated that they have a new item,

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Grilled Salmon Filets

I’m not big on seafood, certainly not big on grilling seafood, my one exception is grilling salmon filets.  I’ve smoked (low heat) salmon in the past with mixed results and this summer will once again try a different recipe for smoking one, but in the mean time I continue to grill (high heat) salmon with exceptional results.  

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Beef Tenderloin

The beef tenderloin, much like beef brisket can be an intimidating cut of meat to grill or smoke, the cost alone makes one nervous to not even attempt it. Glad that didn’t stop me though, read on for an easy recipe that if you follow it and pull the beef tenderloin at the right temp it will turn out perfect.

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