Monthly Archives: January 2015

Candied Bacon

As we all know, bacon rocks all on it’s own but when you add sugar, spices and a little maple syrup and then smoke it…….  Yeah.  Words and pictures do not do candied bacon justice; this is a must-do for you!  Last weekend for the NFC playoff game (we won’t get into who won and who should have one that game) I made several items on the smoker.

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Smoked Ham

Personally I’m not a big fan of ham but after smoking one a few weeks back I have completely changed my mind.  It wasn’t dry as baked ham typically is and the flavor was plain awesome.  Here is a very easy recipe that will make you re-think using your oven the next time you plan on having ham.  

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Beef Brisket

I’ve been smoking meats low and slow for a number of years now but have put off doing a beef brisket because I thought that was a cut of beef for only “masters” or “professionals”.  I was wrong.  My first attempt was last summer while I was doing some pork shoulders on my smoker.  

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Goodbye 2014 Hello 2015

2014 was Weekend Grillings inaugural year as a business, blog, newsletter and the beginning of a nation-wide camaraderie of fellow grilling and smoking enthusiasts via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest YouTube and Instagram.  What started out as weekend discussions amongst family members sitting around a grill and enjoying a cool beverage (or eight) has become what hopefully will become a full time business for when I retire.  

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