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Smoked Bacon Jalapeno Peppers

The smoked jalapeno pepper is the go-to appetizer in the smoking community and well deserved in my book.  Here is a simple-to-follow recipe on smoking jalapeno peppers.  This particular time I used bacon for the wrap but have used a good spicy breakfast sausage in the past as well.

Here is everything that you will need:



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Smoking Ribs while camping!

Is there anything better than camping in the north woods? Is there anything better than smoking ribs?  The answer of course is smoking ribs while camping!  This weekend I visited my son on our way up to Lambeau Field in Green Bay to watch the Packer’s first day of training camp.  

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Wednesday’s Question

If you are anything like I am, typically on Wednesday and/or Thursday the wife and I go over the weekend’s menu so that she knows what to grab on the weekly grocery run.  She will ask if there is anything special I want during the week (at this point I just say “whatever you want honey”) but then it comes to what about Friday/Saturday/Sunday,

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What you Grilling this Weekend?

Welcome to  A site made by and for the weekend grillers in the world. We are not champion Grill Pit Masters, but we know our way around grills and smokers. Our goal is to create an online community where we can all share tips, tricks, recipes and most of all pictures of whatever we are grilling or smoking.

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